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The Unexpected Rise: Everything Is Possible If Working Hard

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Have you ever felt where nothing is going well? In life, there are praiseworthy moments as there also are rough moments. Back then, when I was 12 years old, my goal was to be successful in life. I had high expectations for Grade 8, wishing that it would be an exceptional one. It was a period where I was becoming mature, understanding life, thinking about my future. It was September 11, 2016 when the big day had finally arrived, I was full of energy and positivity. I had woken up at 6 in the morning, which is quite unusual to me, especially if summer has been coming to an end. The first month of school had passed so quickly to the point where I couldn’t recognize that September is over. It was a refreshing period, where stress still hasn’t reached my veins. October was a dreadful month, exams were coming in out of nowhere, week in and week out. I had been getting bad grades in each and every subject. It was a nightmare. The next morning, I woke up to the voice of my bird, being in a good mood. I had worked hard all last night, from reviewing lessons to completing exercises and previous exams. The year after, after having many ups and downs, it was time to spice things up. A new era had begun, aiming high and hoping to pass Grade 9. I had met a new friend, John, which was a new student to IC. He was a smart student, getting A’s the majority of the time. Whenever I struggled, he was there for me, helping and treating me as if I was his little brother. I had to focus throughout the year as it was really important, the year of the Brevet official exams. The first semester of the year wasn’t as pleasing as I would’ve liked it to be. My grades were below average, it was a disaster. But I had high hopes, remembering what my father had always said: “Never give up, son”.

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During the last two months of the school annual year, my grades started to rise up, slowly but surely. Every member of my family started to encourage me to study hard, day and night to the point where I had refused to leave home during the weekend. I was proud of myself, as were my parents. On my birthday, I had asked for a bunch of stories in all three languages: English, French and Arabic. I couldn’t believe that I had started getting interested in reading books and novels. My official exams were scheduled for the week after my birthday. It was on a sunny June day, where I felt that I had done really good on my tests. I have been waiting for this day to arrive as if it was Christmas.

Finally, after a long and awaited month, I’ve been so happy to see A’s all over the place. Everyone was proud of me, including my teachers, which weren’t expected at all to see me reach this level! Therefore, I believe that if you work hard, everything is possible in life.

18 March 2020

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