The Role Of Cellphones In Our Lives

It might be strange to hear that a cellphone has influenced my perspective in life. Think about it, every day you look at your cellphone to read a text message, look at the weather report, or the news for that matter. Each time you look at your cell phone you might see something that will greatly change your perspective in life. Being an engineering student, I say that the greatest design that influenced my life is the cellphone.

The cellphone is one of the greatest designs ever to be created, granted there are people who cannot let go of their cellphone. The reason I want to become an engineer is because I wanted to see and understand what actually makes a cellphone a cellphone. For most people it is just a tool that is used in everyday life. For me it is something grater. All the circuity that is used, the reason why cellphones have gold, or the programming that goes in to it. For me the cellphone is like a timeline. It holds the designs of the past but shows you a glimpse of the future

In the palm of your hand you are holding the hard work of others. The design that was touched by grate minds. All those annoying updates that sometimes make everything worse or when you drop it and it is better to buy a new cellphone because the replacement part cost more than the cellphone itself. People tend to forget that behind those cellphones, those designs, are people that work day and night to try and fix and improve those designs.

I am not saying cellphones are all that I think about. But look at what your holding in your hand. The idea that you can talk to someone that is in the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. Something that ages ago would be considered impossible. We live in the world of technology where change is happening every day. Improvements are being made to everything and anything, I want to be part of that group of people. I want to be with the group of people that help the world even if in the smallest way. Because even though technology improves, it sometimes destroys. The batteries on our cellphones for example. It is a great tool that is taken for granted but it is also a poison to out ecosystem. The cellphone is a huge step into the future, but it still has a long way to go.

Cellphones are used every day in many ways. People tend to forget that in the palm of their hand is a piece of technology that centuries ago would be considered impossible. Many people get influenced by different things but for me it is the cellphone. A sign that the world is improving but that it still has a long way to go, a sign of the future. My greatest influence is the cellphone, not because I am addicted to it but because I see what was and what can be.

03 December 2019
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