The Role Of Fears And Phobias In Our Life

Fear is an emotion or feeling which is felt by humans due to any types of frightening or scary behavior. Fearing for a certain long period of time may cause damage to a person and leads to depression or anxiety perhaps death too. Fear is something which people feel when it is some sort of danger to their physical and emotional being. Fear can be of many different types and it varies from individual to individual, each person can have different types of fear but in the end all fears are caused by event which make us feel our emotional or physical state being at danger, where fear plays an important part in everyone lives. Fear is an emotion which also protects us by making us alert to those dangers that is threat to an individual’s emotional or physical state and makes the individual prepared to face or deal with it. When an individual sense danger the human brain reacts quickly and alerts the nervous system which causes the physical body to respond to it.

Everyone has different phobias some are temporary whereas some stays with for a long period of time. There is a past memory that I always recall every time. I don’t know when and how it started but I think it was at the age of fifteen where I started imagining and believing things that height or could say that I have fear of heights (Acrophobia) and when I am made to face my fear that is when I am taken to a high place or height I grab ahold of something which will make me feel secure and then I start sweating, shiver and I get into panic which makes me hard to calm down and I fear like I am not going to be able to hold onto things. I do not know why but I had always been afraid of heights since I was small. It is natural for all of us to be afraid of something.

Fear is also important in our live as we get to discover our weakness. To face our biggest fear is never easy but once we encounter it, then the best thing that could happen is that we feel a sense of pride and we are prepared for the worst. When we are controlled by our fear then it becomes a burrier for our personal growth and a living a better life. While facing my fear, the worst part is that I get nervous, I break out in a cold sweat and my heartbeat become fast where my knees start to shake. But I think fear is made of all our thoughts which only makes us worry as the outcome. I used to worry how should I overcome with my fear where I become numb climbing at higher level of heights. I have experienced many incidents were I used to cry when I was at higher level of height. But as time passed my fear didn’t go away but I’m trying to face my fear so that I can enjoy the nature in future at higher altitude without any fear.

Fear haunts many individual from different phobia where they have been before or are suffering at present. Fear is something that we all have to go through and face. Facing the fear in our life might not be the easiest thing do but it can be slowly be adapted to it. Try not avoiding the situation where we fear more instead face them to gain confidence and to overcome the fear.

06 July 2023
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