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Have you ever thought about how many people are incarcerated in America? Unfortunately, the number of incarcerations in America is increasing every year. The race percentage of incarceration in America is disproportionate; more African Americans are incarcerated than Caucasian Americans. This leads to the question; is it racial bias or not? In order to reduce racial bias, the government needs to change the laws of incarceration so that all people are treated equally.

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Jarvis Cotton’s ancestors could not vote, and Cotton, a person is murdered could not vote either. The reason why they cannot vote is Klan violence, poll taxes, and disenfranchising as a felon. In America, the original union thought they needed to deny African Americans citizenship. Not only Cotton but also many African Americans cannot vote today. They are subject to discrimination regarding, employment, housing, education, and jury service among other issues. These are similar to the old Jim Crow laws, which were state laws of southern states of the United States including racist content. Alexander explains how she came to write this article. When Obama was elected, she was glad because she thought Jim Crow became the old system. She did not find a new racial caste. When she began her work at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), she knew that there was racial bias in the criminal justice system. When she left them, she recognized how it was much worse than she thought. People who have been incarcerated are consigned to a racially segregated and subordinated reality. Many people feel the War on Drugs was launched due to crack cocaine in the 1980s and 1990s. However, Reagan who was president announced it before crack became an issue in the media. After, the media fabricated images and stories of ‘crack whores’, ‘crack dealers, and ‘crack babies.’ In the black community, some people thought this was a government plan to oppress black people . The War on Drugs began since the decrease of using illegal drugs, but the number of incarceration was the highest in the world. African Americans are incarcerated twenty to fifty times higher than other people even though they use the same as other people. Furthermore, it did not match between crime and punishment. The sociologists thought governments do it because they want to give punishment to people without the rate of crime. Alexander states this kind of situation is the New Jim Crow and our ‘colorblindness’ is a new racial caste system.

The government should change the law of incarceration because this incarceration is a serious issue. My friend who learned about the law explained and gave me her opinion about how this problem is serious. The condition of a prison problem become a national political issue. There has been little history of so far, black activists have been doing this because of race. People would work on a campaign to help African American people who were sentenced to death for ‘crimes of course. A fortune in which many African American people complain about the injustice of being sentenced to long prison terms for light crimes. In recent years, the fear of crime and the severely punish mentalism of crime. The ‘duplication’ in which profits and employment are protected by the media that incites and by the enlargement of the prison big politics established by the union and opposed to this huge group of interests. Politicians should go deep into this problem because they will take the risk of taking the brunt. To ensure the safety of society, severe punishment should be used as a warning. ‘It’s effective,’ some people said, and they said, ‘To protect the human rights of criminals. ‘Would it be alright if my safety was sacrificed?’ So, we went to the prison complex. Criticism of was often overturned. However, the enlargement of the prison complex with an unusual increase in the rate of incarceration of certain groups in the United States differs in quality from other countries, and it is not unreasonable to find the peculiarity of American society.

One of the solutions to mass incarceration is African American presidents. For example, President Obama assisted with propelling African-American rights, supporters contended and improved racial relations the nation over by working as a good example throughout the administration. He cared about African children who cannot get enough money to live. Journalist Joseph Williams wrote in the U.S. News & World Report in November 2016: ‘Over eight years, the first black president addressed issues that were important to African-American progress, including criminal justice reform and the use of deadly force on the national agenda. “More than eight years, the main dark president tended to issues that were critical to African-American advancement, including criminal equity change and the utilization of savage power on the national plan. ‘A few researchers contend that he helped advance the discussion by his quality alone in the Oval Office; it standardized the dark leader’ (The Obama Presidency: Was the Presidency of Barack Obama (D) a Successful One? paragraph 199). It means an African American president has a chance to change the rule of incarceration in America to be fair for African Americans.

Some people think the government does not have to change the laws of incarceration because it looks fine. However, according to the Pew Research Center, African Americans are six times as likely as Caucasian Americans to be detained. There are numerous opinions that the mass incarceration of African Americans, which some have alluded to as the New Jim Crow, originates from racial predisposition among law implementation officials and inside the equity framework (Slavery Reparations: Should the government provide reparations to the descendants of slaves? paragraph 21). In the south of the late 19th century, when slavery was abolished, it has been done to catch and convict freed blacks and to make them prisoners status and lend them to plantations and factories as labor. The legal racism of the southern states that allowed the re-enslavement of such blacks was eliminated by the civil rights movement in the mid-20th century, but it is now reinstated by changing shape. However, slavery in the modern version is invisible and difficult to understand, but there is no advance in racial issues beyond it. In the United States, the police have been killed by black people who have no crimes, and the protests have expanded, and finally, the police have been attacked.

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29 April 2022

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