Universal Declaration Of Human Rights And Its Importance For Society

According to United Nation Human rights are based on the principle of individual respect. The basic assumption is that every person is a moral and rational being who deserves to be treated with dignity. They are called human rights because they are universal, Whereas nations or specialized groups enjoy the specific rights that apply only to them, human rights are the rights to which everyone is entitled no matter who they are or where they live simply because they are alive as well as in ages past, there were no human rights then the idea emerged that people should have certain freedoms and that planned, in the wake of World War II, resulted finally in the document called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the thirty privileges to which all people are entitled. 

UDHR is adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on Nations on 10 December 1948. The universal declaration of human rights consists 30 articles incorporated in national constitutions and other laws of international treaties. This declaration is the corn stones of the 1976 worldwide law on human rights (Index on Censorship). The documents are printed in 500 language and 192 countries signed the universal human rights agreement. Dignity, Justice for each and every human and undercut the poverty is key factors. There are three types of Norms: civil-political, socio-economic and collective-developmental. In 1979 Czech Jurist Karel Vasak developed the human rights into three generations. In first Generation Deals with civil-political rights deal with liberty and participation in political life and Article 3 to 22 were developed. In second Generation is Socio-economic human rights guarantee with equal condition and treatment along with Article 22 to 27 finalized. Third Generation is collective developmental rights of people and group held against their concern state deals with the final tenet of fraternity and then article 27 to 30 formalized. These help to promote of the friendly relationship in nation people. Universal human rights contribute the necessary step guaranteeing the right of people regardless where the live. This document contained various article and provision for protecting the human right. The authority has primary responsibility for protecting as well as promoting the human rights treaties. Moreover, it is the duty of every Individual, civil Society and business to promoting the human rights. 

Next up, the government is to encourage ways to plan various ways which will help in improving the life quality of citizens. All the government of countries is responsible for ensuring the well-being of their citizens. Human rights help the countries in doing so efficiently. The first Two Articles are about equality as well as freedom from discrimination the foundation of the Canadian human right act. The Canadian Human right act 1977 Protect the people from discrimination in work place and individual have equal rights in society. 

However, the most important human right appears to depend largely on where a person lives, because every country people have different issue and culture, but there are most common human rights in article 1 and 2. Article 1 gives the right of freedom and equality, the humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are born with reason and rights, and they should also behave in a spirit of brotherhood towards one another. It helps to create positive spirit in individual, feeling of belonging to community and promote the equal opportunity for education and do their business. On the other hand, Article 2 is crucial as it provide equal right to everyone without any partiality among the people and without distinction of any form, like religion, language, color, gender, race, birth or other status, political or other opinion. Further, no distinction shall be made on the behalf of the political, jurisdictional or worldwide position of the nation or territory to which an individual belongs, either it is independent, trusting, and non-self-governing or under any other sovereignty disadvantages. 

In short, human rights are very essential for a happy living of humans. However, these days they are violated endlessly and we need to come together to tackle this issue. The governments and citizens must take efforts to protect each other as well as growth for the better. In other words, this will ensure happiness and prosperity all over the globe.


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16 August 2021
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