What Might Happen If All Of Our Intelligentsia Were Killed

We must fight against the regime. Imagine if we had killed all of our best and brightest in our society, what will we do without them? Will, we ever find a cure for diseases, invent new technologies or have good leaders that will lead the country?

In our daily lives, we need to invent new things or else we will be stuck with the same old things. Technology has a big impact on our life for the last century but let's think if technologies had never even existed what will happen? I guess we can survive without technology but this would mean we will just live our lives like thousands year ago. But if technology never existed for example foods, if we do want to eat vegetables and fruit we will have to wait for it to harvest it and clothes so we will not be able to put in the washing machine but do it by hand. It doesn't mean that without technology we couldn’t do it but if you think about it not only it would be hardworking but it would also be time consuming. If there are no devices such as mobile phones, laptops etc. it would be really hard to contact them, especially if there's an emergency instead we would have to send letters. Even scientist can't make up their mind if technologies are good or bad. Without our intelligentsia, doctors might not even have existed. We would not find a cure for diseases and also sickness or diseases wouldn't be cured because we don't know what caused it and crimes would be unsolved because there is no autopsy.

Will people die? Can the society live without them? If the sickness is contagious will the whole world die out? Of course, we can survive without doctors but we will have to deal with a lot of suffering. Since medicine pills are getting advance day by day and discovering new or undiscovered issues and that's why life expectancy has increased. This goes to the same with engineers and architects, there will be no more beautiful buildings and if you had a problem occur in a building or you broke something and need to get it repaired how would you get it fixed? We will also need leaders to run the country.

The most fundamental human need is to stay alive. Leaders ensure that groups of people work together efficiently and effectively to achieve a common purpose instead of just going off into our own ends and getting nowhere, making sure they know their own rights and leading the country to the path of developed. Imagine without them. What would happen? There would be more fights, murders and people saying that their religion is better than the other because no one is controlling them and will unsolved because none of the detectives would be able to track them down. These are some points above are a prediction of what might happen if all of our intelligentsia were killed.

13 January 2020
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