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Why Sixteen Is Not An Appropriate Driving Age

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Vroom, Vroom! The first run through in the driver’s seat alone – energizing, harrowing, free. No guardians or educators, just oneself and the car; all choices are exclusively made by oneself. As sitting in the driver’s seat all sorts of of emotions goes through in the minds of a sixteen year old. Are the sixteen years old prepared,are they mature enough? The debate has gone through air of keeping the base driving age at sixteen or raising it to eighteen revolves general development, however there is more than that to take a glance at. Although people want the driving age to remain at sixteen, it is not safe for teens to drive at age of sixteen.

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Firstly, sixteen year olds are still immature. Being in high school and enjoying life to the fullest is all that a sixteen year old thinks at that particular age. Getting on the road and speeding up to get ahead of that car is what most of the sixteen year thinking is like. I have some high school friends who are sixteen year old and when I sit next to them in car, I can see that excitement of driving but whenever they go above the speed limit and I always tell them they will all say same thing, “ It is okay, nothing is going to happen.” They do not understand that a little carelessness can sometimes bring a lot trouble. Some teenagers might also want to get more experience as possible to get perfect at driving age by starting driving at an early age. But teenagers in terms of getting experience forget the rules and start driving recklessly. As noted in most of the cases that teenagers are more likely to get in an accident because of their immaturity.

Secondly, sixteen year olds are young and parents might lose control over their children. If a sixteen year old starts driving, they will stay out late night and might get in some wrong influence. Sixteen year olds are still in their developing period and want to enjoy their life. So if they get access to drive a car they will most likely spend more time outside with friends. As some parents want to get their children learn driving so that their kids do not have to depend on parents for ride to work. But they do not understand that it is good if they are depend on parents for their ride that way parents can make sure that their kid are going to work. They can also make sure that their kids are not lying or hiding anything. By not having the opportunity to drive parents can spend enough time with their children as well as the child can share problems with their parents and might get time to know each other better.

Lastly, if a sixteen year old starts driving it also affects them on financial basis. In today’s world, everyone is well aware of the high cost of car loans, car insurances and many more things related to buying a car. In case of accident, if the person is minor and is considered in fault that the cost of insurance automatically goes high. Sixteen years might be driving recklessly on road and get in trouble which might lead their parents pay for their mistakes as parents are the ones who pay for all car insurances.Some people might argue if a teenager knows to drive, they can work wherever they want and not care about ride problems and can contribute money in helping out their parents. But being a high school student, teens are not going to work more that twenty or twenty five hours anyways and the income they bring in will be spend mostly on fulfilling their own dreams rather than contributing to family. They have many of their own expenses like buying materials for project, buying tickets for a game, or might think about start saving some money for their senior year expenses.

As seen through, sixteen year old are not legal to drive because of their immaturity, parents losing control on their children and increase in financial budget in family. While a teen is not ready to drive they might watch the way their parents drive and learn something from it. They should be made well aware of the consequences of getting into accident and road rage.Young teens should be get more educated and wait for their perfect age to drive. 

10 Jun 2021

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