Women Rights And The Violence Against Women

The violence against women is mainly known as gender based violence in which women are treated as the slaves of men or violation of human rights and a type of discrimination against women. This is a very big crime in which individuals or groups humiliate women. There are so many forms of violence against women like rape, domestic violence, female infanticide, honour killings, sexual harassment and dowry violence etc. In this topic, I would like to discuss about the women rights and discrimination against women.

Here, I would like to discuss the first story of Rumana Monzur, born in Bangladesh who was also a victim of violence against women. She got married and her husband was both physically and mentally abusive. She came to know the invisible rule which taught her to tolerate all the violence silently in her marriage. She wants to continue her education further but her husband doesn’t like her education. Rumana wants to take the divorce from her husband but can’t do that because of the society. She didn’t have that much of strength to face the society. She got one good gift in her marriage and that was her daughter. This made her happy. She went British Columbia, Canada for her further studies.

After a year, when she came back to Bangladesh to take her daughter with her and divorce from his husband, she faced the violence of his husband. She was in her parents home sitting in his parents’ room and her parents was not in the home. His husband came to the house and the cook allowed him to enter. He quietly entered in the room where Rumana was sitting and locked the door and turned up the volume of Television. He showed his cruelty on that day to Rumana. He beated her, made her blind. Actually he came there to kill her but was not successful as the cook came there. The cook found the Rumana in blood. Rumana became more confident after that incident. She went to British Columbia back for her eye surgeries hoping she will see the world again. But she wasn’t able to see the world again after so many surgeries.

However, she didn’t loose herself she continued to complete her master’s study and she did. She was so brave despite all this domestic violence by her husband. She loose the hope to her life. She started living in the Vancouver with her parents and her daughter. This story tells us that she survived that attack which was given to her by her husband. She is voice for all those women’s who are suffering in the silence. It tells us that we shouldn’t be sad if anything bad happens to us, make yourself brave and confident to fight any incident which is making you weak. Rumana became more strong, she is a very good examples for those women who are scared to speak in front of the society.

When I read her story, in the starting I felt very emotional that how person can try’s to kill his own wife. How someone can be so heartless. This is very shameful for all of us. This male dominating society is very harmful for all the women’s. We all should speak against them so that this male dominating society should know the women power that we are not afraid by them. Women’s are not their toy through which they can play how they want, we too are human beings and we all have the right to live freely without any discrimination. Through this story I learned that always make your dreams become true, if anyone enters between your dreams and try’s to stop you. Don’t be afraid, be stronger and face those difficulties with confidence and bravely. Remember, do not let anyone stop you. This is how we can become stronger.

The second story which I would like to share is also related to the Violence Against Women. This story is about Shafia’s Family Murder which happened on 30 June, 2009, Kingston Ontario. The three daughters and the first wife were killed by the Shafia, his son and his second wife. Mohammed Shafia was like the Hitler of house. He married Rona and the couple didn’t have the children. The docter’s said Rona can’t have the children.

Due to this he married to Tooba Yahya with Rona’s and she gave birth to seven children. Then they moved from their country to many other countries and finally started living in Canada. After sometime, Shafia sponsored the immigration of Rona as their cousin who will work for them as cook. Rona was trapped in an loveless marriage she wanted a divorce but couldn’t get it because Shafia was so cruel man. He always makes his decisions. The Shafia house was a jail for the daughters and her first wife. The daughters were not allowed to wear western dresses. They can’t have boyfriend. They can’t go anywhere without the permission of their father.

Despite all this restrictions, his daughter Zainab fell in love with one boy. They were in a relationship but afraid of her father. One day her brother caught them and told to his father about Zainab relationship. He was so angry after hearing this. His other daughter too has boyfriend and when he came to know about this. He wanted to kill his daughters and her first wife because she was demanding for divorce. He and his son and her second wife made the plan to kill them. They were successful in their plan as they killed them, but shown that murder into an accident to the world.

This story shows that in Shafia’s home there was no freedom to women’s. They can’t make their own decisions. They were living in the male dominating society. But in Canada everyone has equal rights whether it is a boy or a girl. As they were living in the Canada but in prison who was run by Shafia. This story has also raised the relationship of honour killing and Islam. The thing I learned in this case is we should not be quite if someone is ruling us and the most important thing do not let anyone rule you. We all are equal, no one is bigger or smaller. Everyone has equal rights to live.

In our history in Canada, women’s were not allowed to vote, they were not allowed take participate in elections and can’t do job outside. They were living in the male dominating society. They were suffering in education, employment and healthcare too. The old time of women were so bad. They have struggled so much for their rights to be counted equal as men. Women started fighting for their rights. Some women’s were afraid of their husband and can’t speak in front of society but some of the women’s were so brave despite the restrictions posted on them by their home, they all struggled for their rights as well as the ending time of violence against women. By the most recent many years of the nineteenth century, Canadian ladies progressively challenged segregation in instruction and paid work just as brutality against ladies and kids. One cure was the suffrage crusade, which was driven by some original college graduates and female experts in medication, instructing and news coverage. Suffragists demanded the equity of their case and on the estimation of ladies' maternal characteristics in private and open life.

To conclude with, I would like to tell in the last that women should speak for their rights in the public. So that the women’s who are afraid of saying anything to the society should get some confidence as they can stop the violence against them. I am also a girl, so I know how it feels when someone will be caught in the prison where you can’t say anything. I want that government should make strict rules and laws to end this violence. We women’s are not property of someone we too are human beings and we have that equal rights as that of men’s. So no one can rule us. We can make our life, our decisions by our own. It’s our life no one can interrupt in our life.

16 August 2021
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