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A Report On The Chemical Element Copper

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My element is copper, copper got its name from Kupras Greek for Cyprus. Copper is a red-brown material used for different things like jewelry, the penny and many other things. Copper has 19 protons, 35 neutrons and 29 electrons. Its atomic number and mass is 29 and 63.546. Copper is a metal that is a good conductor for carrying electricity. The mesopotamians found the element then they started using copper for weapons. The mesopotamians found and started using around 5000 to 6000 years ago. How we found when The Mesopotamians started using it for beads they used copper beads on their jewelry. The boiling point of copper is 4,644 and the melting point is 1,984. The chemical properties of copper are flammability, copper doesn’t burn unless it is in a copper powder substance, the reactivity of copper is nothing copper does not react with anything. The occurrence in nature of copper, copper is found in nature at free metallic state so that means you find copper in its normal form. Copper is mined not made. Copper is mined by an open pit mining system. The open pit mining system is when you clear out all the material on the surface and keep digging down in a big spiral like a drill so you can bring the material back up to the surface which is copper.

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The common form of copper is solid, and the least common form is gas. Copper is 100% recycled material. One different type of isotope in copper is copper-64 it is very radioactive but it does not react to anything It just stays the same throughout time. The most common isotopes you can fine in copper is (63CU) and (65CU).In nature, copper ́s most common isotope percentages are (63CU) – 69.1% and (65CU) – 30.9%. What do we use copper for you can pretty much copper for anything from weapons to wire that we use in our house. We mostly use copper as an element because it is such a good conductor for energy. The most common compound for copper is cuprite because copper and cuprite live in the same environment so sometimes they grow together. The most common oxidation number is +1 and +2. The health effects of copper are positive because copper is a mineral and your body needs minerals. Also, there is a very small amount of copper in your body. If you have a very little amount its good for you. One negative effect of copper is if you eat too much copper, it can be very harmful and could lead to death.

01 February 2021

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