Analysis Of Alexander Hamilton's Speech

My fellow Americans. I realize many of you are partial towards Thomas Jefferson, since he was so present during our revolution, but let me introduce you to his federalist, and I dare say, better counterpart, Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton is one of our country’s great political, economical and diplomatic leaders. Beginning as one of the youngest and most brilliant of our Founding Fathers, he is now a strong advocate for the Federalist Party, part of President Washington’s prestigious cabinet and a likely future president of America.

Some of Hamilton’s major contributions so far have been his invaluable foresight and work on foreign policy and the military. Hamilton has helped President Washington keep peace in the states and navigate the foreign trouble with Europe. When the Whiskey Rebellion began in 1794, it was Hamilton who suggested summoning the militia of several states to calm the situation. Soon after arriving on the scene, all of the rebels were captured or scared off. Although Jefferson and his supporters reprimanded Hamilton’s approach of using so much force for something so minuscule, this event helped establish Washington’s government and gained him respect.

Also, back in 1789, only a few weeks into Washington’s presidency, the French Revolution began. I’m sure we all remember how many of us cheered on the French, hoping for a Revolution, similar to our own. However, amidst our cheers, Hamilton was one of the few who foresaw the bloodshed to come and spoke fervently against it. However, the Jeffersonians continued to ignorantly encourage the Revolution until the Reign of Terror began. As the heads began to roll, we Americans immediately regretted the bloodshed we had encouraged. However, Jefferson and his followers still believed that human freedom outweighed the gruesome deaths of so many.

When France and Britain began a war in 1793, France never formally called upon America to honor the Franco-American Alliance. However, Jeffersonians favored honoring it by joining France in its skirmish with Britain, by defending the French West Indies against the British. However, the wise Hamilton and Washington knew war had to be avoided. America was militarily weak, unstable economically and politically disunited. They perceived that avoiding Europe’s broils for at least a generation would allow America to become more powerful and populous enough to actually be successful in such things. And so Hamilton helped Washington pass the Neutrality Proclamation in 1793 stating that America was impartial to both countries and was completely neutral in the war.

In 1794, Chief Justice John Jay was sent to London in one last effort to avoid war. Hamilton, fearful of the repercussions a war with England could bring, understandably supplied the British with the details of Americans bargaining strategy. Although Jay won few concessions, war was avoided, and a fair deal was struck: The British promised to evacuate the posts on US soil, consented to pay damages for the seizures of American ship, with America only having to pay pre-revolutionary debts. Despite this decent deal, the Jeffersonians were outraged, claiming the South would have to pay the majority of the debts. Despite their complaints, Jay’s Treaty also led to a great deal with the Spanish, where we were granted all we demanded, including free navigation of the Mississippi and a large amount of Floridian property.

Alexander Hamilton is a diplomatic and political genius, whose wisdom and foresight has saved and improved this country numerous times. Whether it is small skirmish within America, or a treaty with Great Britain, Hamilton always knows the best choices to make. While Jefferson writes his Antifederalist papers and claims to want a country ruled by the people, Hamilton knows that to have a truly thriving country, the educated and public-spirited can lead the country into greatness. With a strong national government we can protect ourselves and always stay united. Unlike Jefferson, Hamilton makes his decisions based on how something will affect the country as a whole, not just individual state. With Hamilton at the forefront of our foreign policy and military, we will prosper in peace and have great relations internationally.

10 September 2019
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