Animal Abuse - the Global Problem of Welfare Protection

Chained to a fence in the city of Brooklyn, New York, a Pit/lab mix sat in the cold freezing rain, unable to seek shelter. Without any possibility of breaking free, luck came his way when Officer Michael Pascal, a member of the New York Police Department, saw him alone and in the freezing rain. The officer ran out of his vehicle and released him.

'Joey' was able to be rescued and saved by a unique individual that came just in time when all hope was lost. However, not every story ends with a happy ending. Not every story of animal abuse or neglect ends with a hero or heroine coming to rescue of an abused animal. Frequently the outcome is a dire one. My hope today is to illustrate to you the need to advocate for awareness of the topic regarding animal abuse and neglect. The goal is to help provide knowledge as a solution.

All around the world 5% of animal cases involve dogs and animal testing results in helpless creaturs being burned, crippled , poisned or even sometimes killed. My overall topic is about dog abuse. One form of animal cruelty is overt 5% of animal abuse cases involve dogs but all around the world there are 250,000 animals that get abused or threated or killed each year. Why do humans abuse animals? They either do it for the dogs own good witch no animal should be harmed cause the animals they do it to are endangered and they don’t know it. Why are only 5% animal abuses cases only dogs? Not all dogs get abused.They are either abandoned or taken to a shelter. Mostly the animals that are bigger are the ones that are harmed, killed or even abused. 

Why is animals cruelty a gateway crime? Because its also towards the witnesses which is adults and children gateway crime. If you have seen a dog be harmed then what people do is sometimes ignore it. They should be the person and report it to law enforcement immediately. Abandoned with is also something that connects to gateway crime. Reports of companion animals abandoned and left to die inside vacant buildings are alarmingly common. It supports it because its telling everything abandoned means. When they are left outside to basically die or left inside vacant building why do humans do this? This all comes together animals being harmed, killed, threatened and even abandon it really doesn't make sense. Humans need to take care of animals.

Overall facts of violence the owner of the animal is the one that is gonna be responsible for leaving it and harming it or overtly violent against the animals. The stages of abusing an animal is rare. Animals have lives and sometimes intend to be by themselves when humans harm them they tend not to know what they are doing. Too many animals living on one property. This can be a sign of animal hoarding witch makes the conditions no less cruel. An estimated 250,000 animals are hoarding victims each year. It's really telling us what happens if humans do not abuse them, instead they just leave them to die without any water food and shelter. Everything we basically talked about is what happens in life animals being harmed, killed and even threatened. Animals need to be free live free without abuses. There life like 5% cases of animals abuses involve dogs 250,000 animals get harmed each year. The crime needs to stop and the abuses all over the wold need to stop too. Animals have lives just as much as we have and they deserve better.

01 August 2022
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