Applicaion To Get The Wounded Warriors Canada Veterans Child Post Secondary Scholarship

I am writing to request that I be considered for the Wounded Warriors Canada Veterans Child Post Secondary Scholarships. To assist you in making an informed decision on my eligibility, I feel it is important to tell you about myself, my family and why I believe I am deserving of this scholarship.

I am 17 years old and have just graduated from Pacific Christian school in Victoria. I am an ever developing young man who is a brother, friend, son, Air Cadet and I think a truly deserving candidate for the Wounded Warriors Canada Veterans Child Scholarship. I have been presented with many obstacles in my life and know that I will face many more yet to come. I have grown up always being positively encouraged and told that I am worthy, strong, talented, loving, kind, headstrong, determined and can achieve anything in this life if I put my focus, dedication, passion and hard work toward it. My mother joined the Canadian Armed Forces to serve and protect our nation, those in need and to provide for myself and my siblings. After being posted to CFB Esquimalt, life continued as usual; we went to day care and school while mom worked. We played sports, went to the beach, I had friends over, had adventure themed parties, spent quality time together as a family which included reading, help with homework, boardgames, talking, learning to build things, volunteering in the community, cuddling and sharing love all while learning and leading a structured life. Home was a place of tranquility, peace and a safe place. My mom has always worked very hard in her career to do the best she could and has always been a loving fun and supportive mother to my siblings and I. We were blessed to have my step-father come into our lives and I am proud to call him dad.

Coming from a ‘broken home’ and having a biological father go down a path of self-destruction with drugs and alcohol, for a time I believed this all defined who I was. Sadly, my mothers health was on a rapid decline from physical and mental injuries sustained during her military service. We thought it would pass and everything would go back to normal but it didn’t. My mom was diagnosed with PTSD as well as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is a debilitating neurological disease that had her requiring crutches, walker and a wheel chair. My dad was also diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago. With both of my parents having PTSD our household can be very difficult to find happiness. There are some days where I don't know if I want to even talk to my parents because they can be very stressed from the smallest things like the dishes not being put away or if I have completed scholarship applications. It is the small things that can set off PTSD but it has a huge effect in my household. It doesn't only affect my parents but it affects everyone around them as well. I have spent a large portion of my formative years around parents who are struggling with PTSD which makes growing up completely different because of the significant challenges PTSD brings to the home. When I was a lot younger, our home was a place of tranquility and peace but when my mother developed PTSD the household became much more like a “boxing ring”. My mother and I would constantly butt heads over small things that I did not think mattered but did to her. I did not understand at this time due to my young age but as I grew older I have learned much about PTSD through various sources. Talking to my parents, I have learned how to help them cope with their symptoms.

My dad has also been diagnosed with PTSD which not only changed him, it changed the way the household was. It was like a second round of what we went through with my mother - although it was less of a “boxing ring” and more of a tense environment to live in which caused stress for the whole family, especially my mother. When both of the parents are living in such close proximity to each other with PTSD it can be cause for very difficult times due to the stress and uncertainty from both of them. PTSD has come in both cases for my parents from military service and having a military lifestyle has completely shaped who I have become. Although I do think I have become a better person because of my experience with PTSD I do know that it has also been very difficult to work through all the struggles which have developed because of PTSD and military presence.

I have had many challenges and road blocks having two parents with PTSD however my parents have been activley working on themselves and our family. We have made much progress over the years with the help of VTN, Can Praxis, COPE and regular psychological care amongst other things. I too have been actively working with a psychologist to assist me living with two parents with PTSD. I have applied and been accepted at Camosun College. If I am granted the Wounded Warriors Canada Veterans Child Scholarship it would relieve much financial stress on myself allowing me to focus on self-care, remaining with Air Cadets, spending time with family while we continue to rebuild bonds, heal and have the opportunity to focus on my post secondary studies in the pursuit of following my dreams. Thank you in advance for the time and consideration in reviewing my application for the Wounded Warriors Canada Veterans Child Post Secondary Scholarships.

01 April 2020
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