Army Sharp And The Issue Of Sexual Assault In The Army

The purpose of this paper is to discuss why Sexual Assault still occurs in the Army despite all the training we conduct. Also, to talk about what we can do to reduce or even end sexual assaults. Few people are aware of exactly what sexual assault entails. Sexual assault means as any unwanted sexual contact without a person’s consent. The Army created the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention program, also known as SHARP, to prevent the prevalence of assaults in the Military.

One of the largest contributing factors for sexual assault is misuse of alcohol. While there is no statistical evidence in the Military, the civilian side has evidence. Studies show that out of the cases reported, more than half reported to have alcohol involved. (Alcohol and Sexual Assault). Another reason sexual assault occurs is aggression, people think they are owed something because they were led on, maybe by the way someone acts or how they dress. It is wrong and should not be tolerated.

Our current training does not reduce the risk of sexual assault. While more people are reporting, we are not completely preventing it. In FY17, there were 6,769 reports involving sexual assault, service members made up 5,277 reports. (Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment in the Military) Although more people are reporting, the percentage in which charges were preferred has dropped from 71 percent to 54 percent. (Schogl, Jeff). Despite more reports, convictions have declined over the past few years. Soldiers must take part in Army SHARP program training quarterly, yet it still has not reduced the number of occurrences.

We can effectively reduce the number of sexual assaults by also incorporating alcohol abuse training throughout the Military. Although alcohol is not a cause, it is a factor. Our quarterly training would be more effective with smaller groups. We must start holding people accountable for their actions. Building trust throughout the ranks will also help reduce sexual assault throughout the Military.

In conclusion, sexual assault occurs for many reasons. While it may not end altogether, there are many ways we can help to reduce and prevent it from happening. It is our job as Soldiers to defend and protect our own. Not only are we Soldiers, we are family. Sexual assault negatively affects the Military in many ways, it should not and will not be tolerated.

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16 December 2021
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