Career Path Of British Comedian David Walliams

David joined Britain’s Got Talent as a judge in 2012, and his hilarious hammed up campness makes his appearance almost as entertaining as the acts on screen. Despite his antics driving boss Simon Cowell up the wall, Simon has publically stated that David was a perfect match for the show, even going as far as to label him unsackable. So there was no worry of punishment for David when he saw no choice but to join this group of singing sailors, making for the campest audition the show has seen in all its 11 years.

David made an appearance on the UK version of musical reality competition Lip Sync Battle, going head to head with fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon to be crowned the lip sync champion. After the American version of the show became an overnight success, the show launched in the UK and is hosted by Spice Girls star Mel B and rapper Professor Green. Ever the comedian, David took to the stage to peform Adele’s Hello, and even his fellow competitor was left in stitches.

After appearing at the Royal Variety Performance in 2012, David was given the honour of hosting the prestigious event four years later in 2016. In a night jam packed with jokes, David took to the stage with the nations naughty boy Robbie Williams. Under the watchful eye of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, the pair put on an amorous display for a hilarious performance of Something Stupid, a song Robbie had covered earlier in his career with Hollywood star Nicole Kidman on his critically acclaimed album, Swing When You’re Winning.

David made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show with his self-proclaimed onscreen husband Simon Cowell. Despite the appearance taking place the year that he first joined Britains Got Talent, before the auditions had even begun to be broadcast, David was just as risqué with his boss as ever. Simon nearly stormed out of the interview after being pushed to his limit by his collegue refusing to stop making jokes about his sexuality, and the interview definitely set the tone for what we were to expect from their partnership for all the years to come!

During Matt Smith’s reign as Doctor Who, who was youngest person to play the character in the British television series, David Walliams was one of the host of celebrities who made a guest appearance on the iconic science fiction show. David played a "submissive" alien mole called Gibbis in an episode called The God Complex. Karen Gillan, who was playing the Doctor’s trusty companion at the time, said on record that David was so funny on set that it actually made him very difficult to work with, as the actors were unable to stop laughing!

In 2008 David published his first childrens book, and now having released a total of 12 novels, he has been labelled the fastest growing children's author in the UK. To date he has sold more than 12.5 million copies and his books have been translated into 46 languages, and several have been adapted for television and theatre. On Boxing Day of 2013, with our bellies still full of turkey and stuffing, the nation fell in love with the televised adaptation of Gangsta Granny. Miss Marple actress Julia McKenzie brought the book to life, alongside Joanna Lumley, Miranda Hart, Rob Brydon, and even David himself.

In a hilarious spoof for Comic Relief, David took over The Jeremy Kyle Show during the Red Nose Day telethon. Walliams played a middle class Jeremy Kyle, taking the real Jeremy Kyle to task in front of a stunned studio audience. Wearing a cheap looking wig, David gave Kyle a taste of his own medicine, doing a hilarious impression of the tabloid talk show host. BBC One’s Dom Littlewood appeared as a guest to accuse ITV’s Kyle of poaching his viewers, as their shows are broadcast at the same time on their respective channels. One of David’s most well known characters on his Little Britain sketch show was that of Sebastian, who was assistant to the fictional Prime Minister. Channelling his camp persona, Sebastian was a very, very extreme version of himself, and much like the Simon to his David, Sebastian was extremely fond of his relucant boss. Sebastian was one of many characters that made the show such a huge success, and while fans may be eagerly awaiting a comeback, it seems unlikely as David has fallen out with his co-creator Matt Lucas, allegedly not having spoken since 2011.

An incredible range of celebrities appeared together in a skit alongside David Walliams in aid of Comic Relief back in 2013. David appeared in numerous sketches that night, but one stood out, for all the right reasons. In the short film, entitled “David Walliams & 'Special Friends' star in David's Exes”, the funny man was forced to pay a visit to anyone he’s been ‘intimate’ with in the last year under orders from TV's Doctor Christian Jessen - and it turned out to be rather an impressive roster. In 2006, David took on the incredible feat of swimming the English Channel for Sport Relief. It took him 10 hours and 34 minutes to swim the 22 mile stretch of sea, equivalent to 700 lengths of an Olympic-size swimming pool. Under the supervision of his trainer, he trained for nine months to prepare for the swim, and he raised over £1 million in donations. Walliams has insisted that prior to his challenge he had never seriously taken part in any sport, making the feat even more remarkable.

03 December 2019
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