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Comparison Of Elementary School And High School

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Elementary school and high school are both about learning academics to be successful. The school environment is hallways filled with lockers and classrooms after the other. Teachers, students, principles, and coaches wandering the halls with books, paperwork and telling students to go to class. Gyms with bleachers, basketball and volleyball nets, and banners hanging on the walls. Cafeteria with pizza and hungry teenagers with lunch boxes filled with tacos or ham sandwiches with juice. Each morning with announcements “ Gooooood Morning Eagle Pass High School” and a bell ringing every period to move a crowd of students from one class of learning to another. They are kinda the same but if we take a step forward elementary school and high school are a little different. They each have a different environment and the way they do certain things. Elementary school work is easier but less informative than high school work; however, high school gives me the freedom to choose my classes and to participate in a variety of clubs.

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Elementary school work is easier than high school which depends on your attitude towards school. When we are little kids in elementary, we don’t take things seriously, we are just curious like cats to see what is going on. With this being curious we want to search for answers to all the questions that we have as a little kid. In elementary school, school is mostly about playing with very little academic learning we mostly socialized in elementary school. On the other hand, in high school we pay attention in class so we don’t fall behind or get confused when we get stuck. We try to do our best in our academic learning to get a good grade point average. In elementary school, we have playtime or recess, but in high school, we only have break and lunch. In high school, we are expected to pay attention longer this is why we last an hour and twenty minutes in class with our eyes and ears paying attention to our teachers. We don’t have that much free time like in elementary we still have to do homework and study for our exams. In high school, they don’t baby us like in elementary there any excuses in why we didn’t do our work. This prepares us for life to be responsible while in elementary you can get away with whatever you do wrong or if you didn’t do. In elementary school is just basic learning strategies, high school is more attentive and treats us more like adults. In elementary school, we all make friends and get along with each other. Teachers show us to be nice and to be respectful. While in high school, people chose their own people and respect each other. In high school, we get into our own social groups and tend to forget about the other people around us.

The freedom and choices that have to be made in high school are much greater than those in elementary school. In fact, no one has freedom in elementary school everything is expected to do that is told. In elementary school, we don’t have a choice of what course to take. In high school, we end up making all the choices that we want to do. We can do whatever we want for that period in what we want to take. In elementary school, we have to take the class even though we don’t take it we are obligated to do the class. One has no control in what class they wish to take in elementary school. The class our set for us. With high school, freedom comes the freedom to make choices about our life. One of the biggest choices a person has in elementary school will be debating on what to eat for lunch in the school cafeteria. On the other hand, in high school, we have to make the right choices for our future because it can affect us. In high school, one chooses the classes according to its career they want for themselves. This is a freedom that high school students get because the choices that we make are for our entire life to be successful and accomplish our dreams and goals. 

10 Jun 2021

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