Discussion Whether Should Artists Music Be Used in Advertising

This is should artists music be used in advertising essay in which the topic is discussed. Internet services such as Amazon and iTunes are common ways people today and in recent years purchase their music. Advertising artist can be complex, as every situation is different. While many people believe that streaming on the internet may be helping, the numbers always count. I oppose the use of an artist's music in advertising. There are more risks such as financial loss, fan base, and exploitation than benefits.

In the passage “The Changing Landscape of the Music Business” it states, “Internet services...either as ad-supported free versions or ad-free monthly subscription services..this is great for fans..it has shattered the traditional model of how an artist manages his or her career'. The Internet services such as Amazon and iTunes allows different advertisement to advertise in between songs downloaded or saved to the device. Which does not help the Artist who want to make money off of their music. Also a solo artist signed to an advertisement company would have to get many downloads on itunes than just having about 4 million youtube streams per month just to get the minimum wage. To make money the artist need to adapt and the internet streams are not in any benefit towards the Artist as much as the advertisement.

With advertising many artists allow companies to use their music. While this may be a good thing of getting their music heard more and advertising at the same time, It can cause problems of being overplayed. This causes fans to get tired of the song. In the passage Selling out Not worth the risk By darrius Johnson it says, “Over-exposure is a huge risk… people often tire of hearing the same music…”. The artist fans can get so tired they lose interest in the music and artists which would could be bad because they lose money. Also many artists can lose everything and the advertising takes it all.

Some might support the use of an artist’s music in advertising. While this may work for some artists and groups such as the black eyed peas profiting off the advertisement. It doesn’t work for Majority of the artist with or considering using advertisement. Therefore it's not a good argument.

There are benefits to having advertisements in use of an artist, but the risks are way too much and outweigh the benefits. By having the advertisement make more money, gaining more fame and the artist interest goes down and financially don't help. So streaming your music on internet services will not work and benefit the artist as much as you think it will benefit the advertising companies. 

05 January 2023
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