Easy ways to make water taste better to drink

One of the most important things that is essential for good health is water. Not just drinking one or two cups but drinking adequate water. Water is life it’s not just for quenching your thirst alone; it goes way and far beyond that. Water is essential for maintaining the body fluid we lose fluids daily in many ways through urine;breathing;evaporation; stooling and to regain back all these lost fluids; adequate water is needed;after all the body is made up of 60% water so adequate hydration is not only necessary but essential.

The US national academies for science; engineering and medicine recommends daily intake of at least 11. 5cups of water daily for men and women 8 cups of water daily for proper hydration. But Water is kind of bland; and not easy to drink; and because of this most people find it very difficult to drink the daily required amount of water; for proper hydration. So how we can we make it more palatable to drink?. First is there any real benefit at all to drinking enough water daily?

The many benefits of water

Get Rid of Toxins: Toxins are harmful substance we come in contact with daily. This can be from both internal and external sources. Internal toxins are those created within the body through the normal daily bodily function. The body burns energy daily to rebuilds tissues and put in place new cells in replace of dying ones. Our body is programmed to systematically get rid of waste products from this process; if for any reason whatsoever and the body is unable to eliminate the waste; this result in toxin build up in the body which can cause serious sickness. Also, we can get toxins from secondary or external sources. This can be from food eaten e. g. mercury in fish or from Body creams; perfume; soaps use in bathing. Water helps in flushing out toxins from the body. if you are not properly hydrated this leads to toxins build up and this eventually causes cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Help in Weight loss: Do you want to lose weight? If you are looking for a fast and easy weight loss hack; start drinking water daily. Drinking water actually helps in burning calories. How? You may ask; When you drink iced cold water; the body works a lot harder to warm it up to match up your body temperature thereby burning calories in the process and the ore calories you burn the more weight is been lost. Water is calorie free; it contains no fat no matter how much water you drink it doesn’t make you gain weight.

Drinking water before a meal helps reduce the amount of food you eat; it suppresses your appetite.

  • Prevents Headaches: Dehydration is one of the primary causes of Headaches; in order to prevent or get rid of an annoying and banging heacheaches stay hydrated. Drink adequate water daily.
  • Effective digestion: Water is needed for proper digestion of food. When your food is not properly digested its leads to constipation; and bloating which can make you really uncomfortable. When you drink water after eating it aids the digestive system to carry out its functions easily.
  • Reduces the risk of kidney stones: The most important and easy way to prevent kidney stones is to be fully hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluid most especially water daily helps avoid formation of kidney stones.
  • Glowing Skin: Dehydration makes the skin looks dull; unhealthy and wrinkle fast. Water flushes out unwanted waste from the body that might cause skin diseases. It keeps the skin hydrated giving it the shine and healthy glow.

Easy Ways to Make Water Drinkable

  • Add a lime: if the taste of plain water is preventing you to drink water; make it taste better by adding the juice of 1 lime.
  • Fruit infused water: Cut up chunks of fresh fruits like mangoes; watermelon; oranges; pineapple and infuse it in the water.
  • Add herbs: Add fresh herbs like mint; lemongrass to spice up the taste.
  • Cucumber slices: cut up slices of cucumber and infuse it in the water overnight for a refreshing cucumber flavored water.
  • Honey water: Adding a splash of honey to plain water is not only refreshing but highly nutritious.
  • Flavored iced cubes: you can make flavored iced cubes from puree fruits and herbal teas and add it to your water to give it that superb taste.
13 January 2020
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