Employee: the Role of Employee Performance

In this employee essay the author presents the term of employee performance , its role and how it works. So employee performance refers to the skills and ability of employees to perform different tasks in an organization that results in the organization's development and success. Performance is an observation of the behavior of individuals. It involves determining how well or poorly a person has accomplished a task or has done a job. There are many factors that have an impact on performance, such as personality, difficulty in the task, availability of resources, and working conditions. Performance determinants such as qualifications, experience, work environment, benefits packages, and job security have an impact on the performance of employees.

Employee performance is essential to the achievement of organizational goals. Employees have interests that differ from those of organizations. Workers will, therefore, chose those jobs that might offer the ability to pursue other responsibilities which might allow them to satisfy their interests. Once freedom is granted to employees, organizational goals can never be achieved and organizations are still larger than employees. It is therefore important to train and engage employees daily to improve their performance in the job.

Performance is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account when talking about the internal marketing of a company. Achieving performance at the highest level is becoming more and more a challenge, given the continuous development of companies and the continuous increase in market standards. This implies not only the quality of the service and products but also a high-performance workforce. The more employees exceed expectations, the greater the competitive advantage of the company will be. A strong company will always attract and retain talent. Employee performance is a necessity for the growth of the company by taking advantage of the ability of employees. Managers are from the personal belief that employees contribute to the growth and development of the company. Managers agreed that an effective employee will not generate additional costs and delays, but will always produce positive results.

In conclusion, the phenomenon of employee performance is a multidimensional construct and an extremely important criterion for determining organizational success or failure. Employees are the bloodstream of any business and are the most valuable assets of any organization as they can make or break the reputation of the organization and can adversely affect profitability. Developing countries, such as Uganda, are experiencing poor employee performance in the health sector and have been largely attributed to poor training and minimal employee involvement. Health workers are accused of absenteeism and untimely provision of services to their clients. 

08 December 2022
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