Health Problems Due to Excessive Use of Salt


Without salt, food does not taste good. Many of us who are foodies, sitting at the dining table though, today or do not look at the salt with the leaves, what will happen! It is really a matter of concern for many people to find out if salt is present in the legs. Eating too much salt causes many health problems. Therefore, experts recommend the use of less salt in the diet.

Salt is used throughout the world to bring flavor to human food. However, there are many benefits to consuming excess salt. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, a women's website provided this information. It states that only 10 percent of heart diseases in the United States are directly related to over-consumption of salt. Also, excess intake of salt can cause many more problems in the human body.

One teaspoon of salt contains two thousand milligrams of sodium. It is said that a person needs to eat salt below 2,000 mg daily. In addition, processed foods, packaged foods, and fast food also use a lot of salt. Researchers say it's best to avoid these foods. Let's see how dangerous the salt really is.

Salt is sodium chloride. It contains sodium. The results of an observational survey conducted over 133118 individuals in The Lancet are out. The test shows regular blood pressure and urine salt content. Among them, 69559 were hypertensive.

Thirst for more water

Drinking more salt leads to thirst. This is because it has trouble maintaining the balance of the fluid in the body cells. It gets more thirsty and wants to drink water. And as water is beneficial to the body, getting extra water creates pressure on the kidneys.

Swelling of hands and feet

Experts say that consuming excess salt sometimes causes water on your hands and feet. It is a blistering feeling. It is a very risky factor for kidney disease and high blood pressure patients.

Want to eat salty foods

By eating more salt, the desire to eat more salty foods is made. That creates problems again. It does not taste like foods that are low in salt. Even so, it may mean that you are consuming excess salt.

Weakens the bones

Bone calcium is excreted through the urine by consuming too much salt. The bones become weak and fragile. Especially after long-term menstrual periods, when women are reduced to calcium in their bones, it is necessary to avoid consuming more salt. In addition, consuming excess salt can cause stones in the kidneys.


Excess salt should be stopped in the diet. Do not eat salt at all - such an attitude should be avoided. Two approaches are harmful to the body. Salt should be consumed to stay healthy and enhance the taste of food.

01 August 2022
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