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Internship Report: Patient Aid Foundation (HR Department)

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I interned for six weeks in the HR department of Patient Aid Foundation. My supervisor or line manager for this period was Ms. Hina Majeed. I was assigned with a number of projects which required a lot of hard work and tasks. The following were the projects:

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  1. Created, maintained and updated JD’s for all permanent employees in the Patient Aid Foundation. Where I have to record the status of total completed JD’s each day. In the end I uplifted the JD’s completion percentage from (72-93) in six weeks that was my major achievement at Patient Aid Foundation.
  2. Prepared Volunteer feedback form for all the trainings which takes place in any of Department of the Patient Aid Foundation. Before this no feedback form was used to evaluate the trainer and content of training.
  3. Helped My Supervisor in Payroll (Salaries) Of the Employees, Where we have to Check their Attendance and have to Deduct or Add Salaries according to the Organization Policies.
  4. Maintained interview tracking sheet for all the fresh candidates who apply for job at Patient Aid Foundation This covers the candidate profile and its status of acceptance and rejection. The main objective for making this sheet was to record number of potential candidates who apply for Job and send courtesy if not selected.
  5. Developed recruitment application to send to institutes for hiring of potential candidates in vacant positions.
  6. Contacted institutes to get list of candidates for vacant position at (PAF) Projects. 3. 2. 7 Presented all projects to Manager (HR) at the end of internship period to assess how I have added value to organization in six weeks.

Job description project

At Patient Aid Foundation I was responsible for making job description of different positions. My supervisor always guided regarding it and I made Job Descriptions for market research manager, finance manager, Supply Chain Assistant & HSE coordinator, HR Officer, Donor Relation Supervisor, technical specialist etc. I was asked to prepare a make JD of all permanent employees of Patient Aid Foundation. I have to follow JD template of Patient Aid Foundation which was shared by line manager to me. At first, I started to send official email to employees who’s JD was missing to make appointment for to work on JD. I used to sit with employees to note their day-to-day activities and convert it into JD. Total progress that I achieved in my six weeks was from 72-93% completion of JD project. The methodology used to approach people was as followed.

Volunteer feedback form

I prepared Volunteer feedback form for all the trainings which takes place in any Associated Department of the Patient Aid Foundation. Before this no feedback form was used to evaluate the training provided to the Volunteers. In future, if training of any subject takes place Feedback form will be helpful in evaluating the Volunteer session by filling the employees feedback over the training. The purpose of making the training form was to:

  • To measure training effectiveness
  • Measure impact to business/ business improvement
  • Measure participants reaction.

Payroll calculation

Apart from JD Project and Volunteer feedback form, I Helped My supervisor in Calculation of Payroll for The Associated Employees of Patient Aid Foundation, Where We have to follow on the Organization Policies for the late comers as well as Allocated leaves of the Employees for a month and their Medical Leaves.

Interview tracking sheet

I also maintained interview tracking sheet for all the fresh candidates who apply for job at Patient Aid Foundation. This covers the candidate profile and its status of acceptance and rejection. The main objective for making this sheet was to record number of potential candidates who apply for the Job and send courtesy if not selected.

Theories learned in academics and applied in practical

Course: computer concepts & application

This was the most basic course of our academics and I did it when I was in my 1st semester of BS. I realized during my internship that how necessary it is to know the basics of MS office Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point and other soft wares, as, throughout my internship I applied what I learned from this course in preparing charts, graphs on Microsoft excel, preparing reports and drafts of brochures and other communication material on Microsoft word and preparing power point presentations too.

Course: Human Resource Management

The courses that were taught at IOBM, have helped me in brushing up my skills up to a great extent. During my 6 weeks of Internship at Patient Aid Foundation, I got the chance to learn and implement the applications and the theories taught at IOBM. These courses helped me immensely in understanding how to work effectively and efficiently in the professional world of business. By working in a corporate world I got better understanding about the functions of departments of the organization and it further enhanced my knowledge of how important it is for a company to incorporate its operations. The following are some of the courses and their theories that I observed that was applied at the workplace.

Course: business and professional speech

I found this course very helpful when it comes to corporate world. Being a HR intern I had to convince my manager on different issues and all this could become possible if one could communicate well, therefore, the content and practice done in this course helped me to gain confidence and give presentations during my Internship. I was praised by my bosses for my confidence and speaking fluency and all of this was taught in this course.

Herzberg’s two factors theory

This was learnt in Organizational Behavior and it demonstrates that cleanliness variables are the foundations for disappointment. At Patient Aid Foundation, employees are given challenging task to get done by having assistance from their supervisors. They have improved the employment status by giving important work. Organization’s approaches were executed on a reliable premise. They are providing fringe benefits, paid vacations, insurance, smart salary packages, good working conditions and job security to their employees. Additionally, employees are given more power over their work and are given more noteworthy choice making power however the last support is in the hands of the office heads.

Course: organizational behavior

In this course I learned the most important thing that an individual should work at an organization whose personality matches best with the personality of an individual. This thing helped me a lot practically; also I was able to manage with the stress because of some stress management techniques learned via this course.

New theory learned

The new theory which I learned was how to initiate an ACM and master ACM before any event. In any company everything is done very systematically and even for a small and slightest decision the permission of the seniors has to be taken i. e. on all levels. When you plan an event, you need the permissions and approvals of all the seniors and all the departments in order to move ahead with the details, and this is where the knowledge of ACM has to be applied.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory

This concept was learnt in Organizational Behavior and it explains that leader need to look past money related motivating forces and discover ways to acknowledge representatives in their occupations. At Patient Aid Foundation, they provides free lunch, Snacks, Tea, Coffee along with this all employees are getting car allowance, medical allowance and phone allowance. The culture of love and belongingness is prevalent in Patient Aid Foundation. Everyone is having a respect for one another which satisfied their esteem need. Additionally, best performer is awarded by the director in quarter meeting held at town hall which fulfills their self-actualization need.

Networking and Socializing

I learned that while working in an organization, networking and socializing is also very important and you can’t survive if you do not have enough contacts and friendly relations with your colleagues. I learned how your personality and your dressing affect you at the work place.

File management

At Patient Aid Foundation, the records of interviewed candidates are kept by recruitment and selection department in hard copy by filing them and in softcopy by inserting data in the Recruitment tracker. While all employees’ record and original documents are kept by the HR operational department by making a file with having separators of pre-employment, post-employment and employee separation.


It was an amazing experience of internship at Patient Aid Foundation. As I was given a lot of responsibilities and tasks to be fulfilled systematically and efficiently. Moreover, I was able to apply the theoretical knowledge I learnt from IOBM into the projects and I realized how useful were all those core courses and electives and how they helped me in my entire tenure of internship at ICI Pakistan Ltd. I was able to perform all the tasks efficiently and was able to come in the good books of my supervisor and colleagues around. I learned in my electives in the practical world and I also learned that how you should get the work done through third party. The research-based projects that were given by my supervisor Ms. Hina Majeed proved to be really helpful in boosting my presentation and communication skills, time management skills as well as interpersonal skills.


My recommendations to Patient Aid Foundation are:

  1. Interns working at their specific departments should also be rotated or given work of other departments so that their knowledge and understanding could be enhanced.
  2. There should be more generation of information for making the best use of employees.
  3. The food options are pretty fine but there should be few options for people who are diet conscious for example brown bread sandwiches, food containing less or no oil.
  4. Interns should also be provided with Patient Aid Foundation van service because it is not possible for somepeople to reach their feasibly.
  5. They should increase their HR staff because it’s limited.
18 May 2020

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