Machismo as a Core Problem of Feticide

The extreme method of violence against women it is Feticide that usually regards to a form of machismo. It is considered the worst custom of violence against women, since it deprives them of the right to life, for the simple fact of being a female. It is expertly branded as killing against women. This problem has concurred over time, damaging many girls and women. These cases are caused by acquaintances and strangers, who kill their victims after rapes or that the woman did not agree to what he, as a man, asked her to do.

Crimes against women are not only committed by serial killers or those who have not been related to women but can be carried out by couples, ex-partners, relatives, boyfriends, husbands, companions, relatives, visitors, colleagues and colleagues of work. They are also perpetrated by unknown and anonymous people, and by the mafia and criminal groups linked to violent and criminal ways of life. However, they all have in common that women are wearable, expendable, maltreatment, and disposable. And, of course, they all coincide in their infinite cruelty and are, in fact, hate crimes against women from the machismos point of view.

Feticide in Latin Culture has become an evil that can affect a woman at any time, due to the macho culture that exists in the country. Despite the fact, the murders of women date back a long time. This term has been known and used since the mid-eighties within the feminist movement and for organized and independent women, to indicate the murders of women for being women, and to this day, this question has not been questioned.

The factors that trigger the female attitude in men are jealousy, the fear of losing masculine value and power, the sexual control of women and social shame. That is, when the man fails in the attempt to get the wife to recognize his authority, tension is generated and he feels threatened in his self-esteem and power. Also, the sense of possession that men have, when they tend to want to be the ones who direct women, in some cases they resort to isolating the female from their relatives. There is also bullying as one of the components that detonate the possibility of feticide.

Overall, the threats, which are part of the psychological violence, create a mental pattern in the murderer, who at a certain moment complies with what he had repeatedly said. Machismo sexuality encourages many sexual partners, and for the machismo male, this is often careless sexual relations. Nowaday the problem of feticide is still unsolved. To find a sollution the society need to start with machismo - maybe after this we will find ways how to solve the violence against women. 

07 July 2022
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