Medicine – My Captivating Career Path

Watching the birth of a child diagnosed with hypotonia gave me an insight into the world of Medicine, revealing the miracle of life as well as the problems that arise with complexity. This experience allowed me to understand both sides of this profession: the hand that hurts and the one that heals. These challenges and responsibilities that accompany the prestigious title ‘Dr.’ might have scared away many but the extremes of this profession excite me.

Initially, my determination to pursue such a demanding career began as an interest in investigating the mystery and architecture of our bodies at a simpler level. The idea of a network of cells all interconnected, making us all so similar yet different, is fascinating. This interest morphed into a passion during Sixth Form as I chose to study Biology, Maths and Chemistry. Studying mathematics has enhanced my problem-solving skills whilst the sciences have provided me with a taste of the knowledge that I aspire to build upon. I am fluent in Arabic and also highly proficient in both spoken and written French, which enabled me to communicate more sincerely with patients in Syria. My continuous self-motivation has been rewarded with academic achievements including: a Top in the World award for Mathematics, Top in Egypt award for Biology and English and a Student Achievement Award from the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).I established an understanding of the wonders of Medicine whilst shadowing a general surgeon at a hospital in Syria and getting the opportunity to watch several operations; these ranged in complexity, duration and severity. It was clear that the lack of advanced technology placed the staff under stressful conditions but their perseverance was beyond motivating. I was particularly interested in the removal of a benign tumor from a patient’s back. Pre-op, the surgeon explained how essential it is to speak to the patient, address their concerns and be empathetic highlighting the importance of caring for patients’ emotional needs. During the surgery, complications arose that pressured the surgeons to assess the situation and make decisions quickly. This underlined the responsibility that surgeons bear and also confirmed that this was the career path for me. One of my earlier attachments was at a dentistry clinic in Egypt, where I sat in on consultations ranging from routine check-ups to the making of dentures for older patients. It became evident that communication and trust form the foundations of the doctor-patient relationship.

Apart from academics, debating at an international level has refined my public speaking skills and taught me to voice my opinions respectfully. To enhance my medical knowledge, I completed a First Aid course at school and volunteered with the Red Crescent in Syria for a month. The latter was an inspiring experience, feeling like I made a difference in people’s lives. Through the role of Head Student, I am committed to addressing students’ concerns and representing my school in our community. I also learned to identify my colleagues’ skills and have assigned tasks accordingly, believing this to be a vital leadership skill. Playing tennis and the piano have improved my eye-hand coordination and sharpened my mental acuity. In my opinion, being a well-rounded character is a key quality, hence why I have developed time management skills to find a balance between social life and academics. I am aware of the sacrifices that must be made to excel in this field and its rewards. To me, Medicine is a captivating career path; one where I will strive to learn for the benefit of others and for the sake of medical advancements. I believe that I possess the passion, commitment and hard-working nature required to succeed and brighten the future of healthcare.

03 December 2019
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