Kids In Uniform Look Like Inmates

School uniforms are supposed to help with the dress code for when you leave school, not make poor, innocent children look like inmates. But at work, not everyone follows the dress code, some places of work have got no dress code. They will wear what they want to wear, not what anyone else wants them to wear. They don’t all look identical to one another. Why do schools think it’s a good idea to have uniforms? This is waste of money, no good, dreaded clothes should not have to be worn by pupils. We have to do something about this right now. Do you want your child to look like an inmate?

Some people will say uniforms save parents money. This is preposterous as £195. 02 on average is spent on uniforms every single year on just one child, what if you had 3 or 4 kids? That would cost you around £800 in total. This could be spent on things such as food and clothes that pupils would actually want to wear. Don’t you think it is a stupid idea to spend that kind of money on stuff that pupils don’t want? School uniforms don’t stop bullying either. They don’t improve test scores. They don’t make them any more ready for the day. They also don’t make them any earlier. The kids already have to do the same work, now they have to look like inmates?

Schools say they want kids to express themselves as much as they can, how is this possible if they are not allowed to choose what clothes they wear? In 1970, there was a case called Richards v. Thurston. In this, the school was saying that the pupil’s hair length wasn’t an adequate length and had to be cut to the length that the teacher was happy with. Another bizarre school uniform story is in October 2013, approximately 75 pupils were given ‘in school suspensions’ as they were wearing pink shirts to support breast cancer awareness month. So kids can’t have what hair they wish, and can’t support a common, deadly disease? Do you think that schools should give in school suspensions for supporting a deadly disease?

What about when the weather is really cold? School uniforms aren’t warm enough for pupils to keep them from catching a cold, so then they end up missing a few days of school which could be important but then the teachers say that it is the pupil’s fault for being off school. Teachers won’t allow pupils to wear jackets or jumpers from home in class, but then the teachers are allowed to wear their jackets and jumpers from home. How would you feel if you were told that you aren’t allowed to wear a jumper when it is freezing cold but then the person who said you cannot goes and does it themselves? It also will benefit parents as they already have to wash, dry and iron kids non-school clothes. Why should their money - that half of is already gone to tax - and time be spent on this? Do you want to spend over £195 per child and also have to wash and dry and iron them for each kid?

Checking that pupils are all wearing uniform makes it even harder for teachers to find time to help the kids with their education. If the teachers are always looking out for kids who are and aren’t in uniform, how will the ones who actually have problems learning actually get to learn anything? It’s not even as if the pupils actually want to wear the dreaded clothes and look like inmates. Scholastic took a survey of around 2,400 pupils and 80-81% of them said they don’t want to wear uniform. Why do schools still think that uniforms are a good idea?

School uniforms don’t improve exam results. In fact, would it not be better if students got to wear what they feel comfortable in? It may spare them a total of a few minutes in their exam by not itching their feet. However, those few minutes could be the difference between a pass and a fail, or the difference between an A and a B, just by wearing what the pupils want to wear could be the difference between a better school and a school where pupils are failing exams. Are you wanting to ruin a poor child’s life because they failed their exam, which could’ve set them up for the career they dreamt of and desired so badly? Don’t you want to help these poor children get the job they wish?

To conclude, children should not be compelled into wearing school uniforms when they are at school. They should feel comfortable when sitting their life deciding exam. Pupils don’t actually like wearing school uniform. They will complain to their parents when they get home and will drive their parents up the wall. The idea that school uniforms save parents is preposterous as around £200 is spent every year on uniforms per child. The money spent on uniforms would be much better spent on something that the kids actually want. Another point is that kids are going to find it harder to express themselves. At least now – if you have paid attention to any of this essay – you will now know that uniforms are such a bad idea, in fact the worst in the world. Do you still want to drop your kids off at school looking like inmates? We need to ban uniforms everywhere possible, they are just a complete and utter waste of time. Do you want to help a kid look less like an inmate? Do you want to keep them looking like an inmate right till they have finished school?

10 October 2020
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