Bad Side Of Wearing School Uniforms

School uniforms are celebrated for their unity, formality, and economic value but are these qualities worth praising? It is not worth even acknowledging when the ways the school uniform executes these qualities are against the truest nature of the qualities. Unity seeks to bring people together with differences but the school uniform discards unity and seeks to make everyone the same. Formality has two definitions and there is the good one and there is the bad one and the latter is the one that is followed. Economic value is for money being saved but there is actually more money being wasted. These qualities are good but the way they are presented in the school uniform makes it a sorrowful shell of its former self.

Unity is loved because of how it puts differences and similarities to make a product that is unmatched by the individuals alone but uniformity sacrifices this ideal to make sure that individualism is non-existent. The reason why this is a problem for the uniform to have is that while the individualism is not sacrificed through words and actions it is sacrificed through the appearance. You might think that the appearance is not important but there has been a study about what you wear affects how you think and that means that on a subconscious level it compromises with the unique thinking of each student. If we are trying to promote new ideas and new ways of thinking then this important way of ensuring that every way of thinking is encouraged cannot be important. Some might think that uniformity is good because if everyone can be the same then we can make sure they all think in the best way, but going against what it means to be human is absurd. The humanity in all of us asks us to be united and different, so trying to go against that is not smart.

Formality means either you follow the ways of a group or that you have the appearance without the substance. The first one is the right formality because it is genuine while the other one is wrong because it is a fake. The problem is that while people can do the right thing all they want but the school uniform shadows what people are doing and they cause an idea of how people act to appear in their minds. It might give a good impression for the school but it is just a cheap psychological trick. The quality of the place needs to speak out by itself and not by psychological tricks.

Economic value is for cutting down on expenses that shouldn’t be there but that could not be further from the truth. The first thing is that people have a bunch of clothing already but by saying that can’t be used you are saying that all that money is wasted. Next, the clothing is expensive for having the school’s name and the parts are very cheaply made. Finally, you have to waste money washing the same shirts and pants over and over. This is not economic and schools need to stop wasting people’s precious money on this.

The thing that makes it worse is the fact that school uniforms are praised for bad reasons. The school uniform tries to go against the cooperation of the people. It follows psychology at the expense of the actual quality of the school. Parents are losing money for something that is not good. This is objectively a bad object and it is time to end it once and for all.

10 October 2020
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