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My Intense Passion About Statistics/Data Science

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It was a book about a supermarket magnate in foreign countries that caused my interest in Statistics/Data Science. From that book, I learned how Wal-Mart accurately forecasted the total consumption quantity and reduced the inventory cost by virtue of the database, and I was therefore deeply impressed by the big data. In the big data era, any industry seeking for development has to do well in quantification. Statistics/Data Science thus plays an essential role in every aspect of social life, ranging from biology, medicine, economy, finance to national defense. Besides, in the modern world, there is an increasing demand for data analysis, which renders statistics a more important tool to extract useful information from the vast ocean of data.

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From the beginning of my college life, I know that a solid specialized foundation is the basis of subsequent intensive studies and that a broad professional horizon is of great importance for career development. As a major in Applied Mathematics, I have built a solid foundation of Mathematics and had a good mastery of mathematical modeling and data analysis. Meanwhile, minoring in Statistics, I learnt in-depth knowledge of Statistics and developed intense passion about Statistics/Data Science. I found statistics a figure-based discipline full of regularity, the greatest charm of which lies in solving problems through quantitative reasoning. A sense of achievement overwhelms me whenever I work out a clear and concise statistical report based on my analysis of a chaotic mass of data and facilitate the solving of practical problems. In addition, when studying this discipline that emphasizes logical thinking, I sharpened my critical thinking, bettered my problem-solving skills and increased my learning efficiency.

As my understanding of professional knowledge deepened through practice, my proficiency in experimental analysis and hands-on skills also greatly improved. Together with three of my classmates, I worked on a project which aimed to figure out how certain variables influenced customers’ rating scores for hotels. In this project, we collected datasets from Kaggle. com and found such variables as the customer’s country, period of stay, traveler type, facilities like SPA, pool and tennis court, Hotel name and Hotel star, etc. , which might affect the final evaluation of customers. I chose stepwise regression to figure out the useful data and built a cumulative logistic regression model to fit a model with significant coefficients. And then, through deleting one of the variables, I verified the accuracy of the models and the final model suggested that the traveler type, pool, tennis court, spa, casino, number of rooms and hotel star were significant factors that determined hotel scores. This project not only trained my modeling and analysis ability, but also proved my capacity for applying academic knowledge to solve real problems. What’s more, I perceived the importance of teamwork spirit and courage of challenging myself. I also participated in a Study on Car Prices with the goal of coming up with a valid model. The first step was to find the numeric variables through cross validation, R code and then filtering the useful data by stepwise regression. At last, I used ggplot to figure out the relation among the categorical variables, determined the number of cylinders, engine type and drive wheels and fit the most predictive model for forecasting the car price. I learned how to build an accumulative model and use the model to solve a problem. Through these projects, I recognized the importance of data processing and analysis and was inspired to make the decision to continue my research in Statistics/Data Science.

In last summer vacation, I worked as an intern in AEON DELIGHT Company and was in charge of programming and debugging in development of time management software. I also assisted in managing the database, building the standardized data and realizing the customer module on WeChat. Meanwhile, I also organized a meeting for sharing knowledge and experience in programming, through which I tried to improve my coding and programming skills and to extend my knowledge about computer like Java virtual machine. After the two-month internship, my practical skills as well as programming and data processing abilities were obviously improved. Due to my burning enthusiasm for Statistics/Data Science, I decide to deepen my professional knowledge through graduate study in your university and pave the way for my goal of becoming an excellent data analyst in the data era when opportunities and challenges coexist. After graduation, I would like to find a job as a data analyst in a well-known investment bank or consultancy and engage in the statistical analysis work, accumulating experience and enhancing my skills.

Afterwards, I hope to become an experienced and capable data analyst in three to five years and offer useful decision-making suggestions to my customers based on data analysis. I hold the firm belief that every choice I make will have great impact on my future. Therefore, I need to live in the moment, seize every opportunity and make every effort to realize my goal. I take your university as my first choice not merely because of your distinguished history and eminent teaching faculty, but also for my keen interest in the research focus of your XXX program. My solid foundation and research enthusiasm will surely enable me to fit in the new environment rapidly, cooperate in teams, conquer all difficulties and climb to my professional peak.

29 April 2020

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