My Motivation To Continue Bachelor Degree At ACU In Australia

My name is Huoy Thay, currently I’m a sophomore student at Zaman University in Cambodia, majoring in banking and finance. I would like to continue my bachelor degree at ACU in Australia. Now I would like to take this opportunity to explain my decision of going study in Australia in detail here.

Cambodia is a developing country, it’s changing day by day and attracting a lot of investors from foreign countries. Many companies need people from different fields with specialize and diverse background. According to this, I have chosen Australia where I can learn and develop myself in order to prepare to be ready for the future, I also believe that it’s a country where I can have the investment in return in both the quality of education and practical experience. It will help me with more critical thinking by shaping my way of thinking and also make my dream come true by completing the higher education there. ACU provides a good studying environment, modern academic success of individual student. It is a valuable opportunity and experience to expose myself to Australian education system where greater challenges prevail, and bring these experiences to share to my country.

I am passionate in commencing, accounting, financing and marketing. I enjoy dealing with numbers and analyze problems. It would help me absorbing new knowledge and also enhance my knowledge and extend my perspective toward better solution. I will be able to learn more of the skills that I lack of, including financial information for decision making, fundamental of marketing, introduction to business law and introduction to business information systems, etc. I wish I could learn all of the relevant in order to achieve to my future career.

My future plan is to be an accountancy or a financial manager. Accounting is one of the fundamental part of our life, we have to analyze every aspect before making a just decision. Accounting can be used in different part of life, from a basic family to the biggest company or government. I think it is challenging and interesting which it is also a useful skill.

Last but not least, I personally believe that ACU is a place where will help to unlock my potential and also help me to discover my greatness I’m always committed to my study as I know ACU is a challenging university that I need to prepare really ready and have a well plan for myself so I can have a better study and working background and schedule. Then again by taking this opportunity to study in ACU is my first step of my career path which will help me to learn a lot about life, skills and experience.

13 January 2020
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