My Motivation To Obtain A Degree In Data Analytics

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“You want to have a future, where you’re expecting things to be better, not one where you’re expecting things to worse” by Elon Musk. This statement has changed my purpose and thinking, and I am determined to do everything in my capacity to create a better future for human beings.

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Technological revolution is changing world drastically. Computers and Intelligent System are bringing positive change. Power of computing and deep interest in computer science and Math’s has excited to devote my long term career to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. This devotion led me to the bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. Through which I have gained lot of Computer Science and Mathematics knowledge, and now, I am aiming for knowledge and skill set related to Big data and Machine Learning.

University of Warwick is one of the top Educational institutes of the world and only logical destination for my Master studies, as UK is center of research, business and innovation. People from all around the globe come to UK for work and study. Studying here in UK, will not will not only give me professional knowledge and skills, but also build an international perspective. With strong background in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science, Linear Algebra and Machine Learning, I am applying for MS.c Data Analytics. My previous academic experience has provided me with a wide range of practical skills and knowledge, which I believe will help me in this course. As an undergraduate I enjoyed doing programming, solving complex problems, designing efficient algorithms, analyzing data, and getting meaningful insights from data. I performed very well in Linear algebra, Statistics, and calculus in my bachelors. In addition to these courses, after my graduation I have read 35+ programming books and 10+ books related to Data science, Analytics and Machine Learning. I have also completed, a couple of data analytics and Machine Learning courses over the Edx.

After graduation as a topper of my class, One of Top software house of Pakistan, hired me as a Software Engineer, Been working for a year now. During this period of time, I have worked on the development and implementation of the Digital banking Solution for One of the top 3 bank of Pakistan. On this job I have worked with Oracle and Master pass very closely, form which I have developed skill set of working with international teams. I have learn how complex systems are designed, At project level how they are managed, For some of integrations I have worked solely, communicated with clients and developed ideal solution. With all this knowledge I can design and develop any complex system now. Also During my Bachelors, I have done a remote job of a IT infrastructure Engineer, Where I have worked closely IBM team, and monitored 16k+ servers for different process, memory.

Apart from studies, I was very active in extra circular activates, and pushed myself to new experiences and tried different things to broad my perspective. During Bachelors I have worked as a finance manager and Event Manager at Event Management Society, and I was also part of Blood Donor society during bachelors, where I have helped hundreds of people in need by connecting them to blood donors. Aside from enhanced experience and management skills these experience offered me, a new experience of inner peace and happiness, which come by helping others. With these experience, I have learnt the value of discipline, power of planning and strategy, power of never giving up, and teaming up with people of different backgrounds to attain common goals. Aside from these I am very good runner, and excellent player of badminton. Both of these games help me with building strategy, winning mindset and physical power to stand up for myself.

With this degree, I will enrich my knowledge set to start a Data science based startup in my native country. This industry is rapidly growing and shows great potential. By studying in this graduate program, I will get a broader perspective, exposure to the culture and people of all over the globe, and expertise to solve and lead local Data industry.

14 May 2020

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