My Passion To Fulfill The Rewarding Role Of A Doctor

Last year my father, unfortunately, lost his eyesight due to retinal detachment; a frustrating period in which I saw how visual impairment can affect a persons' self-esteem. As his caregiver, I realized how even a simple conversation or a park stroll could help regain his confidence.

My passion to pursue a career in Medicine stems from being able to extend upon these experiences whilst obtaining the knowledge to deliver effective healthcare. I have been privileged to research and complete a course on potential advancements in the NHS including the use of clinical bioinformatics in identifying hereditary diseases from patient genomic data. During the FutureLearn course, I encountered ethical dilemmas such as the widespread sharing of patient data. This has developed my critical thinking by engaging with debates in the discussion section regarding the database and ethical guidelines. Interesting scenarios such as this have further strengthened my resolve to study Medicine.

I witnessed the skillful and dedicated role of a doctor whilst taking my father to ophthalmology clinic appointments. This was highlighted by the fact when leading up to my father's retinal surgery the doctor had relayed the side effects regarding the surgery in an empathetic manner. The comfortable approach in which he explained every detail, showed true empathy, as he had my father as his primary concern despite patients waiting. This commitment and dedication to the profession is something I have witnessed during my personal visits to the hospital and has intensified my interest to join the field. Volunteering with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has been a rewarding experience and one that has developed my personal skills. For example, I have organized charity fundraising events with a few members of the community; collectively communicating our ideas to come up with practical solutions. My father's condition has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and climb mount Snowden for the organization that has provided so much hope to him; the RNIB. In accomplishing the challenge, I learnt how effective organization, good communication and a determined attitude can help you overcome a multitude of personal challenges. I believe the rewarding nature of working with patients in hospitals will help me persevere through some of the physical and emotional pressures of working life.

Being part of my schools' Football, Rugby and Cricket team has emphasized the value of teamwork. We have surpassed expectations and I have delivered in my responsible role on the pitch. Performing on a weekly basis has extended and improved my level of commitment to the team and my ability to cope under pressure. By being part of an online reading group I was tasked with proof-reading brochures for care homes across the UK; here I learnt many comprehensive skills including how to accommodate text to suit the needs of elderly individuals. Volunteering for the last 18 months at a spiritual society for people with mental health problems, I have enhanced my commitment to caring for people. Providing voluntary assistance to individuals has been difficult but gratifying; through a simple conversation, I have helped individuals to share their thoughts in order to assist them. As a tutor for the past two years, I have coached children and prepared them for exams where I have learnt how to effectively communicate and teach topics.

I understand that a life in medicine entails hard hours of dedication, dealing with emotional pressures whilst maintaining a standard of excellence. These core principles resonate strongly with my character. By integrating the skills I have picked up through my experiences and with continued learning, I believe I can successfully fulfill the rewarding role of a doctor.

13 January 2020
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