My Personal Strengths Profile For Future Career

Although my career pathway can change many times throughout my life, most of the essential skills and work habits that I require can be transferred to a variety of career options.

In my opinion, my strongest and most important essential skills and work habits would be responsibility and organization. The reason for this being is because I believe that I am very responsible as I always pay attention in class, hand in assignments prior to the due date, always act in a proper and formal manner throughout class, submit my own work or turn in a bibliography if I have used other websites and much more. I also admire when everything is organized not only at school but at home as well. I put my tasks in an agenda and have different folders for each of my courses so I know when and what tasks I need to complete it. I always try to fulfill my obligations at school and strive to make amends if I have made a mistake. School is not only very important to me but recognizing what I am accountable for to reach my academic success is also a key principle to me. Throughout school, my report cards have shown excellent in responsibility and organization for all my courses and my teachers have always told my parents and I that I am a very responsible and organized student during parent-teacher interviews.

In my opinion, responsibility and organization such as executing your job duties and organizing work content is a dominant skill in essentially any workplace because it leads to a functioning business and a safe working environment. In regards to my weakest essential skills and work habits, it would be independent work. Although I know how to follow instructions on my own, I experience some difficulty in regards to using my class time appropriately to complete tasks. There will be times when I may procrastinate about my work during school and I should put effort into improving the completion of my work because it’s much easier to continue working on a task that I’ve already started, instead of just beginning it from scratch. Managing time allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period, which leads to more free time. I should take the next steps of working within the class time given so I can take advantage of my learning opportunities and focus on the work which will lead me to my career success. Overall, using the time given to complete your work is important in a job to achieve higher productivity and reduce any stress in the workplace. Time management is also critical to control projects, co-workers and all the business process effectively.

In the end, although there are learning skills and work habits that I portray, I know that I can improve on other skills so it can give me the flexibility to transfer them to other career pathways in the future.

10 October 2020
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