New Era of Satellite Communication Through SpaceX

The federal government is allowing Elon Musk to use an array of ranged wireless airwaves for his plan to deliver cheap, high-speed internet access from orbit. The decision by the Federal Communications Commission paves the way for SpaceX to build its full web of about ace 2,000 satellites intended to blanket the Earth in wireless Internet access. This could help developing countries and rural areas to obtain economic opportunity currently out of reach for them because they lack competitive Internet access.

SpaceX’s Starlink program launched its first test orbiter in Feb. The Federal Communications Commission gave SpaceX approval the next calendar month for the first 4,400 orbiters. The ship’s company has an initial goal to deploy 1,600 satellite in the next few years.

Satellite communicating have been in use for decades. But Internet access through the technology is slow and expensive, largely because of the satellites responsible for ferrying information to and from the orbit at great distances from the earth, increasing lag. Instead of sending Internet traffic to just a fistful of satellites in geosynchronous orbit, the companies plan hike satellite Internet speeds by using many cheaper satellites that orbit closer to earth.

The need to be the first and strongest network is fierce. Last month, Musk fired a number of Starlink manager over time underframe disagreements. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has said that the faster internet is a “growing threat”.

I’m extremely surprised and interested that such amazing technology hasn’t been developed and implemented. If this is true then humanity will be freed from its restraints, freed into a more connected and intelligent world. I sincerely hope that this can be implemented and driven to completion. This article opened my eyes to the technology that’s coming up and I’m extremely excited for it. But, one final question I have for it is what will happen when everyone in the whole world is allowed fast, free, and unedited internet. In places like China will they may try to take down the satellites.

07 July 2022
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