Overview Of My Highschool Experience

My freshman year was a short year, and I loved everything about it. While I was in my computer science class, I discovered my passion for programming. With my computer, I researched everything I could about programming. My freshman year consisted of me learning how to program, and how I couldn't stop talking about my new favorite hobby to my friends. That summer, I worked with my father in construction, so I didn’t have much time to program. I wanted to be back at school already.

When sophomore year arrived, I got to school and was excited to be back, knowing that I’d have more time to program. I realized during my sophomore year, however, that computer science wasn’t just my hobby; It was also what I wanted to pursue as my career. All of my friends called me a nerd because I would have rather been programming than going to a big party. Just like my friends, I was having fun, and I didn’t need to be at parties to do so.

Then came my junior year. This was definitely my most boring year of high school. I was still programming, but I wanted to work with other students and talk to them about it. I loved my friends, but they just didn’t like the same things I did. I couldn’t find other students at my school that shared the same interests I did, because I went to a small private school. As the year went on, I started feeling differently about my school. I went from enjoying my school to being bored all the time, and I knew why. I realized that in order to continue growing my passion for computer science, I needed to transfer, and I did.

Finally, I am here at my new school as a senior. The school I am going to now is huge. I have already met multiple people who share my interests, and I joined the robotics team as a programmer for their robots. There is something about programming that has always made me happy. It might be how logical it is, or how I’m a natural problem solver. I still talk to my old friends, as they will always be my friends. However, having people to share my passion with is priceless. High school went by quickly, and it’s now time for me to meet new people in college who will share my interests. Being with other computer science enthusiasts in college will be awesome, I can't wait.

15 July 2020
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