Polite Speech Is More Than Empty Words

Being polite is an unspoken rule of thumb in order to be accepted in our world based on social communication and technology. Phases such as “ How are you” “nice to see you” are used to convert politeness rather than the true meaning of the sentence. These phrases are used, which are unnecessary in accomplishing the task they desire to complete, to trap to make others more responsive to one's purpose. Polite speech is what allows those who use it to gain what they want in a society free from the pressures. Polite speech fits respectability to allow those to gain what they desire, not what it seems. Making it visible that polite speech is bad for both our community and our culture.

The community we are raising is seeing the power polite speech has on influencing others, and generation by generation have we begun to abuse that power. Polite speech is evident in an environment like school. It is an unspoken tactic for students to address teachers or other administrators very politely when they need something. When a student needs an extension, or a favor they turn to their teacher in a very polite manner. This allows them to seem like a caring student who needs a simple favor. As evidence in this occasion polite speech is used not to better another person, but allows students to gain the power over what they want. So when titles like “ma’am” must be used as addresses, to imply mastery, and when phrases like “please,” and “may I” are thrown into process, it is an impression of a simple request. Another platform where polite speech is used is on the political side. When a politician conducts a ceremony they must make a celebratory address, which is full of polite speech . A politician's job is to engage the public and use polite speech to make the community feel like they truly have a say in every matter. These people know that their words will be broadcast to the general population. Since their continued influence relies on the goodwill of the people, polite speech is used in order to give the impression that their words are official and justified. As evident, polite speech is not good for the community because it leads to false hope and falsely informed citizens.

The culture of America is a very unique place, but the impact of polite speech majorly impacts it, but teaching us to follow the wrong morals. It separates them from the lower population who use informal speech, and places these people as higher up on the ladder of authority. Throughout history, formal language has been associated with those in power, meaning those in power continue to use it as their way to show that they possess the capability to retain that power, and are fit for the position to lead. Being polite shows that they don’t need to resort to true rules to accomplish goals, and provides an exterior of respectability to their accomplished tasks. In places where support is needed, polite speech also is utilized to make it seem as though the decisions made are right and completely justified. This once again is a products of the human need to be supported in their decisions. Human nature can be subject to doubt in all cases, but the polite speech used is able to confer a sense of resolution so that people feel secure about the rulings. After all, polite speech raises us to use it to gain what we want, and not behave as we should.

On the other hand, in some occasions polite speech is truly used out of care and love. Family members may use polite speech to reconnect with their communities. Along with some people use polite speech to turley check in on a fellow to make sure they are doing ok. However, there is always an underlying motivation factor. Yes, one may reach out to a neighbor to see how they are doing, however they still have a slight personal motivating factor to use polite speech. Normally, if someone reaches out they have a favor to ask of a question needing answering. Some may argue that small favors are worth it to have someone ask “how are you?” ALl the same, the favors add up and eventually they see that the favors are not worth it because the polite speech is nothing but a poly.

Therefore, it can be seen that although polite speech, a regular form of communication, may seem friendly, but is a true tactic to give the other power. This hints at respectability and ethical rightness, and also functions as a method to persuade those receiving the message. The usage of polite speech preys on human sensitivity to ethos in order to influence them to trust the speaker, and shows that polite speech is much more than empty words.

07 July 2022
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