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Reflection On Leadership Self-Assessment

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My overall leadership self-assessment score is 123 and the leadership score rating is good. The highest score which I got is 29 for leading and sustaining change. I am satisfied but also surprised at the same time since I do not always consider myself as an excellent leader and often tried not to be a leader in group works. I am more confident to be a positive and hardworking team member. RNAO’s Leadership self-assessment tool helps me have a closer look at the five practices of transformational leaders and makes me realize that I can also be a great leader.

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As the reflection by the RNAO Leadership assessment tool, my strength is leading and sustaining change. The nursing profession is changing day by day together with the development of the health care system. Therefore, the ability to be flexible and quickly adapt to the new system is necessary for a nurse to work in a medical field. Moreover, it is also important to develop a plan for the change, participate in it and support, mentor others in order to succeed with the change. In my case, the ability to open to new things will help me a lot to integrate and adjust myself much faster so that I can achieve a best possible outcome for my clients.

Area for improvement

A quality that I feel myself need to improve is optimizing competing values and priorities and balancing the complexities of the system. As a leader of a team, it means that I have to face and receive different ideas and perspectives from the team members who have their own values, needs, and priorities. Without the improvement of this ability, I might let myself involved in too many different issues as a time, the top priority will be neglected, and the outcome will not be insufficient. Grimm also stated, “It has been suggested that a president (or anyone in a leadership position) should not be involved in more than perhaps 3 to 5 issues at a time”, and that “the most important message a busy nurse leader should take away from this section is that various traits will take center stage on different occasions” (2010). Therefore, the capacity to focus on the main point and get other team members to work on it is clearly essential for a team leader in order to help the team keep up with the plan, overcome the differences which might lead to conflicts and many unresolved problems. Besides, knowing and balancing the values would help the leader, as well as team members, have a clear look and perception of the group’s values, and also build a stronger bonding among the members during the procedure.


I will improve my leadership skills by understanding the five practices of transformational leaders. I will maintain my strength in leading and sustaining change, and I will improve my ability of managing competing values and priorities. I will complete this by the end of the course on 14th December 2018.

18 March 2020

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