Success is in Believe in Myself

Trust is a kind of attitude to life that modern people should have. On the other hand, it's self-confidence, that is, believing in yourself. We should believe in ourselves. If you don't even believe in yourself, what else in this world can you trust? Only when you believe in yourself can you build confidence in success and achieve success. Many people are not confident because of their low self-esteem. They think they are not good enough and they have given up hope. Can you expect hope from others? I think believing in yourself is the cornerstone of success. However, this does not mean that we can refuse to listen to the opinions of others. Go your own way and let others talk about it! Although it sounds very fancy, nobody can really do it. It is true that we should hold on to our beliefs and not allow the outside world to bother us. But when others make genuine suggestions to you, we should accept them with humility. 'Benefit from loss and gain from humility' means that excessive self-confidence leads to loss, while humble acceptance of the opinions of others leads to benefits. This requires that we learn to properly manage the relationship between believing in ourselves and listening to the opinions of others.

Believe in yourself without blind self-confidence, humbly accept the opinions of others without blindly observing, understand and know yourself completely, know your own abilities and what you are good at, fully believe in yourself in what you can be confident and good Listen to the opinions of others when you understand or when you do not understand the field and make correct judgments based on your own ideas.

The way of life is very long and the progress is full of thorns. We are constantly faced with turning points and have to make our own decisions about how we want to take each step. Nobody can help us, we have to rely on ourselves, we have to believe that every step we take is right and move on with no regrets. People who often ask for directions don't get lost. We cannot rely on others, but we can get their opinions and find the best way. As we grew up, we gradually learned to believe in ourselves. As we listen to the well-intentioned suggestions of others, we go our own way and accept rational corrections from others. The road doesn't seem rough anymore and we seem to be able to see hope on the other side.

Believe in all people and doubt all people, their mistakes are the same. We resist extreme ideas and also have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Correctly understand your own position and thoughts, think carefully about the opinions of others, combine believing in yourself with listening to the opinions of others, be careful in your words and actions and pin down every step of your life, and you surely will don't see far away rainbows.

01 August 2022
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