The Biography Of Beyoncé Giselle

From birth, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles began turning her head when her cheek was touched which is called ‘Rooting Reflex’ which helped her when being fed. Furthermore, practicing her sensory skills which included using her sight, hearing (When hearing a loud noise, she would throw her arms upwards which is known as the Startle reflex), smelling and Taste. She was able to start grabbing a finger when it was placed in her hand (grasp reflex).

In addition, she started using her manipulative skills which include hand-eye coordination skills. At 6 months plus Beyoncé started using her motor skills which include crawling. By 12 months she was able to stand by herself and walk (when a baby is held up and their legs imitate walking which is called the walking reflex. At 2 she was able to run.About 3 months Beyoncé started ‘Babbling’ as she learned to control the muscles related to her speech. At six months she started communicating her needs in different ways for example crying.

At nine months Beyoncé could say and understand a few simple words. 12 months she would start using sounds such as ‘Da-da’ which would soon turn to full words. At four years old she could hold a simple conversation and understand what was being said to her.From infancy Beyoncé showed her emotions by crying when she needed attention, getting upset and angry. She would show more ease around family and familiar faces by 5 months. Whilst presenting anxiety around strangers. To comfort herself she would either suck her thumb or hold her favourite toy.

Socially Beyoncé was advancing fairly fast but was only socializing and interacting with her carers and members of the family, by two months she started smiling at familiar faces. She preferred the voices of humans and soon learned her mother’s voice at later stages in infancy she would start having parallel play with others at her nursery. Being socialized with different people meant that Beyoncé became positive to touch and would stop crying when picked up. In infancy, she would start making her first relationships with relatives and carers.

At the start of childhood Beyoncé was growing but not as fast as she was during infancy (growing approx. 2.5 inches and gaining 5 pounds per year, this then went down to 2 inches and 5-7 pounds when she got to 6), she likewise started losing baby weight and gaining more muscle. At the age 4, she was able to kick/ throw a large ball, hop on one foot, skip over the rope, walk downstairs and grasp a pencil. She would still nap up until she was 6 years old and need a total of 12 hrs sleep.

At this stage, her head was 90% full size and her reproductive organs will remain small until puberty. At 6-7 years old she would be able to skip and ride a bike. Whilst also at this age she would likely have lost her first tooth. From 8-9 years old they start using fine motor skills more which allows them to have smoother handwriting, drawing, and painting.

By childhood, Beyoncé would start reading and writing and being able to count to ten and upwards. Whilst doing so also gaining knowledge, learning new vocabulary and understanding/using simple logic. By five years old Beyoncé was able to pronounce phonics and from 7 years upwards she would be able to comprehend logical patterns and understand more detailed conversations. By childhood, she would be able to complete simple household tasks like making her bed. Around this time, she make pick a preferred hand and by around 4 years old which will end up being her ‘Writing Hand’Around 4-5 years old Beyoncé started using her imagination more both in play and writing skills. She began to think more about what it meant to be ‘herself’.

Her relationships with her family had more influence on her now than before as it determined whether she felt valued or not valued growing a sense of self-worth. Her friends also had an influence on her resulting in her confidence or no confidence She learnt who she liked and disliked outside the home e.g. which teachers she liked and disliked.

Beyoncé is still clinging to her parents and familiar people. At Around 4 years old she starts learning about social roles and behaviour in the family setting (This is called primary socialisation). This provides a safe space for her to explore social relationships in addition to friendships. Once joiningschool at around 5 years old Beyoncé began co-operatively playing with other children in her class. As she grew more into childhood she progressively became more independent and started making her own friends based on trust.

Another positive of making friends for Knowles was that she grew multiple communication skills, grew self-esteem (with stronger self-esteem helped her become more able to resolve conflicts in the playground). Around 6-9 she started showing signs of either fearing bullies or showing bully like behaviour Hormones start to become prominent in Beyoncé body meaning puberty is soon to follow, which prepares the body for sexual reproduction later in life. Puberty happens between 13-15 years in boys and 11-13 years in girls.

Puberty brings menstrual cycles for females also known as ‘Periods’. secondary sexual characteristic start to appear like breasts, pubic hair and facial hair. Boys voices break mid-puberty meaning their voices become deeper. Both sexes experience a ‘Growth spurt’ which means they have a quick amount of growth quicker than normal (this usually happens between 10-13 years old). During puberty the body also grows body fat in girls which goes to the hips, buttocks and chest and muscle mass in boys’ bodies (their shoulders become broader).

During the Adolescence years Beyoncé learned many new skills in and outside the school, but still thought things in ‘concrete terms’ (meaning right or wrong). This included the capacity for solving complex theories and problems, being able to listen and understand detailed conversations and logically think by themselves. SATS meant that Beyoncé would be taking her first proper exams which would determine her future in education and her educational class sets, which would set out her educational path.

Furthermore, Beyoncé started her next stage of schooling at Highschool at the age of 11. This would further teach and give her experiences of the world, even though she still wouldn't have many experiences she would still be able to think above and beyond the experiences she has been in. This would help her understand many new things. At age 18 she would start thinking about higher education including A levels or College. Whilst growing and the body introducing new hormones Beyoncé would be also struggling with her emotions and identity.

This is a crucial stage in her life, she would start creating new relationships not just of those as friends but as potential partners. This means she starts to become more aware of herself which can either cause low/ high self-esteem, creating anxiety and low/high confidence. Mood swings and unpredictable behaviour may occur between the ages of 11-18 for Beyoncé as her body goes through puberty, certain subjects might trigger contrasting emotions for her as she is in a sensitive state. Arguing with her parents becomes more prominent as she tries to assert herself, this may lead to a ‘rocky’ relationship with them. Of which drives them into the ‘invincible’ stage where they Believe nothing wrong or bad can happen to them.

03 December 2019
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