The Causes And Ways To Reduce Violence Against Women

Despite today’s world where gender stereotypes and casual discrimination are a obvious, violence against women is still does not receive the attention it needs to deserve. Many see violence against women as a symbol or statistic, that is sadden by it but they do not believe it can happen to them or to people they know. It is, for the most part, a taboo subject. Still, it is necessary to discuss violence against women, because at least one in six Australian Women have experienced physical or sexual abuse by her current or former partner and 14% of women have experienced some kind of partner violence since they were only 15. These are some alarming figures and even so gender-based abuse has resulted in more deaths, illnesses and injuries to women than traffic injures and malaria.

Differences of sexual orientation are the main driver of violence against women, on the off chance that men feel that they are above women, then that simply encourages them to do whatever they want, if that means harming another being physically or mentally. This behaviour is not only dangerous to the individual or the people enduring the wrongdoing but also to the people around them and to society in general. In the event that individuals, consider hurting women as an acknowledged standard or unchangeable it’ll unfortunately remain that way.

One procedure to reduce violence against women is to inform people about it. Understanding what’s normal or abnormal in a relationship, despite the level of intimacy is important. Children need to learn how to participate in healthy and respectful relationships. By watching their parents and other relationships children copy what they see and apply it in their own lives. In addition, the media is perhaps the best impact in current life. There are many portrayals of women that are negative in a general public where women are probably equivalent. By changing normal gender portrayals, women are bound to be viewed as individuals as opposed to sexual items. Ad campaigns, TV shows, leaders in positions of power and social media all can change the way people view women. This shame surrounding violence against women needs to be lifted. Rather than accusing the person in question, the spotlight ought to be more on showing young men and men the correct practices. As Australian women are nearly three times more likely than men to experience violence from an intimate partner. Try not to raise women to avoid violence, teach men not to commit in the first place. This can only be done by brining this issue into the public’s view. concerning violence against women would be to set up required educational programs in schools. These programs could discuss topics such as sexism, gender equality, and forms of abuse, respect and healthy relationships. These programs would need to be introduced as early as primary school to continue through the high schooling years.

Directing a program specifically at men would be incredibly helpful as it is for the most part men who are the leaders of violence against women. Organisations, such as, White Ribbon, which has been set up and run by men is one case of an association helping young men and men to comprehend the outcomes and impacts of abuse and further help facilitate the stop of violence against women. Teaching young men is significant in such a case that they are then ready to treat young girls and women appropriately. Legislation and packages such as, Women’s Safety Packaged presented by Turnball Government in September 2015 are steps the correct way to make an attempt to handle the issue of violence against women at a national level. Passing laws regarding domestic violence demonstrates how violence against women has moved into society’s frontal lobe. Providing ongoing funding for community legal centres that assist women in escaping violence is also essential.

Despite the positive activity happening in Australia to fight violence against women there are numerous places over the world where women keep suffering every day. For instance, a study led by UN Women detailed that 92% of women in New Dehli accounted that, in their lifetime, they had encountered some type of violence in an open space.

As this example and many others appear, violence against women is a worldwide issue and is an impressively bigger one in developing nations. However, there is some hope. The key to eliminating violence against women on a world wide scale is education. By educating people about respectful relationship boys and men are less likely to abuse their partners, strangers or anyone else. Through education and legislation and bringing this issue to the forefront of the media and national policy we would be closer to removing violence against women. 

16 August 2021
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