The First Mention Of The Term UFO

UFOs, also called unidentified flying objects, are ironically dentified’ as alien spaceships by the common people. Every sighting causes a flurry of excitement and curiosity. And thanks to all the science fiction films out there, the possibilities of what a UFO could be bar all science and theories! Very little is known of UFOs; especially where they come from and why they end up on our planet. And out of everything that is believed to be true regarding UFOs, even less is backed up by evidence. How did the term UFO come about? The first person to ever see a UFO was private pilot Kenneth Arnold. He claimed to see nine UFOs; they were very shiny and flew over Mount Rainier. This received worldwide coverage and it was his description of the flying objects that lead to the term “flying saucer”. This is because he saw disc-like structures. So how did the world go from flying saucer to UFO? Through Donald E. Keyhoe’s book, “Flying Saucers from Outer Space”. This was the first book published that used this word and it has stuck with human beings ever since! Are UFOs actually extraterrestrial?

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In the world of sci-fi, yes. In reality, no. There is absolutely no evidence to prove that aliens exist or that they visited planet Earth in the hundreds of sightings that are recorded. The satellites capture pictures of so many unknown galaxies and stars but no picture of an alien planet has reached this world yet. The lack of video footage or pictorial proof or any other form of record, is due to the electromagnetic properties of these objects. According to the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), these properties interfere with the microprocessors and hence disrupt avionic systems. This is why there is no record of alien spaceships entering Earth’s atmosphere.

If you were looking forward to aliens invading Earth, then do not be too disappointed with this news. Even though no evidence of aliens exist, many scientists and researchers believe that this possibility cannot be ruled out completely. So, you never know, aliens may exist after all!

With the basic misconceptions out of the way, here is a list of fun facts about UFOs. These may or may not help you reach your own conclusions about what these objects are but they will amuse you nevertheless. So if you are intrigued by the UFOs, read on!

You already know UFOs are not alien aircrafts. So, what are they? According to investigation and research, UFOs are mostly misidentified natural occurrences. This can include air planes, weather balloons, clouds, nacreous clouds or meteors. Just not aliens. Only less than 20% of the sightings are unexplained, otherwise rest have been false alarms of alien intrusion.

In the late 1930s, a radio show called The War of the Worlds was released. The creative genius behind the show was Orson Wells and was supposed to be a mere form of recreation. However, much to his and everyone’s surprise, the show turned out to be so realistic that thousands of people believed America had indeed been conquered by aliens and UFOs.

UFOs that are later explained or identified are called IFOs. This stands for “identified flying objects”.

The British government in 1967 investigated six flying saucers. They were flying in a perfectly straight line in the south of England. This later turned out to be a complete waste of time, as it was just a prank being played by very creative engineering students.

An unidentified flying object is usually considered to be a strange sighting in the sky. However, the term also includes unidentified objects on the ground, as long as they are hovering or headed towards the sky.

You may have heard of the Bermuda Triangle and how everything that comes close to it inexplicably disappears? One explanation is magic. However, an explanation more relevant to this article is an undersea base for UFOs. And this base is responsible for the disappearance of ships and planes that come close to the Bermuda Triangle.

Astronomer Jose Bonilla took the first photographs of a UFO in 1833 in Zacatecas, Mexico.

In 1953, Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla (Junior), was ordered to intercept an unidentified flying object in Michigan. Much to everyone’s shock and surprise, after getting close to the object, his plane disappeared from the screen and was never found. Eerie right?

During a UFO sighting, many viewers felt they were being transported to a different dimension. This feeling was so common among spectators that an expression called Oz factor was introduced. The Oz factor refers to this sensation of being transported to another world while seeing a UFO.

What is the common explanation behind things that cannot be fully explained by science? Religion. The UFO case is no exception and has its own religion called the UFO religion. This believes in the gods and extraterrestrial beings controlling all UFOs. Most common UFO religions are Church of the Sub Genius, Unarius Academy of Science and Universe People.

So there you have it! Some interesting facts about UFOs! As you can see, these objects are not completely fictional. There is some truth to this. However, much is left to be proved and therefore everything comes down to what you choose to believe!

07 July 2022

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