The Importance Of Having A Name

Why it is important to have a name? Why it is important to remember people’s name? In my opinion, I think to have a name is like a driver license and, it is a great significance to remember people’s name because, it is easier to make a friend or to communicate with them. Have you ever made someone in your second time and you forgot his or her name? I belief that naming is very important, because it is a classification of everything where the is human been or animal etc.

My name is Sahro, my aunt chosen for me this name. I was so excited to the story of my name. It has something touched me in my mind. When my mother told me, I used to ask her so many questions, to know some idea about my name. My mother told me one day “when, I married to your father, we had waited for couple years to get for kids. I felt sick, I went to a doctor, he told me that I had a pregnant, I was so happy to hear that, even though I had forgotten that I was sick, since that day I decide to name my unborn baby unique but, I don’t know if it is a boy or girl. Although all our family were making ready to give you a name after them”.

Sahro means flower or beautiful and its female name in Arabic language. It mentioned in holy Quran. It is the name of first daughter of prophet Muhammad. When, the people see something incredible or amazing they called Sahro. It is stoical name and people love that name. I love my name and it has fit me. I am so glad to have this kind of name. When my husband brings for me a flower he always reminds me my name.

When I had my first son, I decided to give him a name but, I had a lot of my family who were willing to name him. Anther hand, his grandmother was there too, and she wanted to choose for him because, she was so happy to see her a grandchild. He is the first grandchild that she had ever saw her, and she said that “I have been waited for him since he was in stomach. I had wished to see him and, I had also wanted him to look like his father and he is. Everything comes true so, I want to finish what I had been wishing for long time. I want to give him a name, and his name is Mohamed” my son he has same name to his grandfather, and he also named him after the great to prophet Mohammed. His great grandmother was given him the best name. His name will always connection to the past. And present.

In sum, I think that naming someone is very important in our culture because of recognizing one another. The name will remain with you and it is something that you will carry for the rest of your life. It will describe you as individual and tell who you are as a personal.

01 August 2022
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