The Personal Dairy In My Childhood

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Childhood means the duration of being a child and we all have several interest and hobbies at that stage of life. I also had various interests. But the most interesting was writing my personal dairy. I used to write it daily in the night. I wrote every single thing that happened to me from waking up to fall asleep. In that time, computers were not much popular. That is why, I wrote everything on a paper dairy. I remember that I never gave this dairy to anyone and I always put it under the lock. I had written all of my happiness and sorrows. I had also written my several secrets in that dairy that I did not want to share with anyone. I believe the personal dairy is a very deep hearted self-talk because we can write our thoughts and read it anytime in the future to remember something.

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I remember that this interest developed in the early stage of my childhood. I was just 12 at that time. I remember that one of my class teachers inspired me to write my personal dairy. She told us that it can give us the chance to look back in our lives and remember the smallest memory of life. As well as it will also help us to improve our writing skills. I talked about this to my father. He supported that idea. He told me that he also used to write a personal dairy in his childhood. He showed me that dairy. It nourished my interest to write my own personal dairy. My father bought me a very beautiful pink coloured dairy with the lock and a key. I liked that dairy very much and started writing on it. I remember that after that my hobby becomes my necessity. I did not feel my day completed unless I write it.

I lost this hobby approximately 6 years ago, when I just started my senior secondary education. I used to be very busy at that time as I always got involved in the studies. As a result of this, my hobby started disappearing. Firstly, I started wrote it on my computer but after some time it just disappeared. I never get any time to write it. Because of this, my hobby gets away steadily with the time.

Because of this assignment, I get a very good chance to rediscover this hobby. Although I was very busy this week but I -some time for this interest. I call my father and told him to find me that personal dairy. He finds it for me and sent it to me by scanning it. I read it from the starting and I remember my all memories. It gives me pleasure. After that this hobby retrieved. This week, I again started writing it. It gives me a big relief. I write about all of my happiness, stress and worries that I cannot share with anyone. I feel more comfortable and happier. I also read some articles about the advantages of writing a personal dairy. I also discuss about this hobby to my father and we remember our several memories together. And I have decided that I will write my personal dairy every day from now.

I feel very happy and pleasurable while remembering this hobby. I remembered my all childhood sweet memories. I remember several things that I just forget in this fast pace life. I get involved in the past memories and find that who were very close to me at that time. It helped me to relive my childhood again. My reactions are very happier. I get to know about my several childhood memories. I want to go back in my childhood again. As I told before it motivates me a lot to retrieve that hobby again. I have written it from the last week and I believe am going to continue it for the rest of my life. I also recommend my all friends to write their own personal dairy every day.

15 April 2020

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