Thomas Hobbes, Socrates & John Rawls: The Theories Of Law & Justice

To begin with, all three philosophers have their unique outlook about law and justice. Their ideas and main beliefs was reflected by the time period they were in. Most of the beliefs and law was based upon how the generation currently was when each philosopher was alive. If each philosopher were to look at how the law and justice has changed either in the past or the future, I feel as if they would understand the current law based upon how the generation and society has changed through time. Socrates cared about he well- being of the society and impact others in a valueale way. Socrates would agree with Thomas Hobbes view towards law and justice because he was also dedicated to make decisions beneficial to others. Socrates had discovered that the human choice was mainly looked upon the desire for happiness, the government then took upon themselves to work best with individuals who had a greater understanding/ knowledge, greatest ability, and a higher understanding of themselves.

Thomas Hobbes cared about the well-being of others, he viewed on how humans could succeed together while avoiding the fear of unwanted conflicts and social disagreements. Socrates and Thomas Hobbes had very similar beliefs and ideas, they would view each similarly and agree upon the ideas and laws they have conducted for the better of society. Socrates would look at John Rawls the same way because he had the same idea and belief for the society. John Rawls theory of justice as fairness explained the public of free citizens holding equal basic rights and collaboration within an egalitarian economic system. He had four political philosophy political philosophy’s first goal was to have an agreement within the society where sharp divisions threaten to lead to conflict, helping citizens to position themselves within their own society, to explore beyond their limits of possible political possibility. Political philosophy must describe achievable political arrangements that can gain support from individuals within the society, “to calm our frustration and rage against our society and its history by showing us the way in which its institutions… are rational, and developed over time as they did to attain their present, rational form”(JF,3).

Socrates would agree upon adding these into the law if he were to have the similar idea generations before. Thomas Hobbes would agree upon Socrates decisions towards law and justice. They knew their purpose and objective for the better of society. Socrates would go to classrooms gathering others opinion about political and ethical truths. Even if he were to disagree with a fact he knew about, he would listen and he was also claimed to be ignorant because he had no ideas, but since Thomas Hobbes had already had a better understanding of others, they had both put their knowledge into law creating it peaceful and agreeable. A few of Thomas Hobbes ideas had to do with an individual's rights, importance of republican government, and the thought that acts are allowed if they aren’t expressly disallowed, which would be highly approved by Socrates.

Thomas Hobbes and John Rawls had a similar point of view towards law, justice, and their beliefs. Thomas Hobbes would use and expand upon the four political phiosopsy’s by John Rawls. John Rawls theory of justice as fairness explained the public of free citizens holding equal basic rights and collaboration within an egalitarian economic system. John Rawls had a simpler if not the same understanding as Socrates and Thomas Hobbes. They viewed society and individuals as their main goal and seeked their desire to happiness and beneficial for society. They did not take power for granted but instead took the power to create a society with agreements and wellbeing of others. They created many laws that had to do with raising money for army, individual freedoms, and and fairness. SOcirated and Thomas Hobbes would agree upon the slight changes made with the different generation but overall many rules remained the same. There are many organizations and laws for armies, which was one of Thomas Hobbes main objective. Many laws have formed themselves to where they will please the society's needs which is referred to Socrates objective.

Moving on, Socrates would be surprised with the changes made to the Canadian Law system. During his time period, women equality, same sex marriage, and rights to culture was not a presented as a problem.. SInce the Canadian Law system has had a dramatic change, SOcrates would see many changes to make. SInce marijuana is being legalized very soon, he would disagree with that. Socrates believed that philosophy would be beneficial and achieve the greater good for the well- being of society. He believed that, any decision made and said should benefit and impact the society in a useful and valuable way. He would not see any benefits in legalizing a drug which can be easily used to younger individuals. Thomas Hobbes would also be concerned with the law currently. He would also be concerned about the same sex marriage since in the past no one imagined being with someone besides the opposite sex, but he would not want to not have it is a law because his main goal was to have happiness within the society. He would also agree with SOcrates about the legalization of marijuana because he will see no benefits with legalizing a drug that would just cause more problems within the society, like driving while high since drinking and driving is still one of the biggest causes of accidents.

Thomas Hobbes cared about the wellbeing of others, he viewed on how humans could succeed together while avoiding the fear of unwanted conflicts and social disagreements, which translates to having more conflict within the society rather than preventing that. John Rawls would agree upon the changes made to the Canadian Law system. He was the last one to die from Socrates and John Rawls. He was there when women rights were approved and he had a better knowledge of the culture and religion in Canada. He has passed away 3 years before same sex marriage was legalized, although he was not there he can agree upon the decision made for same sex marriage. An issue i believe he would also face is the upcoming legalization for marijuana Furthermore, I believe the way the law is shaped now is the best for society then it was before. WHen Socrates had to power to make any changed and how he look at law and justice was different from how it is now.

There is a very big gap between when Socrates beliefs and ideas versus the ones now. The society and community had changed in various ways. This society before had a few laws and a few changes, the law now can still reflect off how it was and how it worked but many changed would have to be made to that because the society has expanded their beliefs to many things. Many dividuals believe there is more to life but 100 years back, many individual would disagree and stick to what they have felt comfortable to. For example, same sex marriage was legalized in canada on July 20, 2005. If this were to be brought up 100 years back, many individuals would fight back because the beliefs now would it reflect o the society and community they were in. Although the canadian law reflects their decision based on the past, laws would have to shape to the society they are currently in. John Rawls and Socrates were in a time period with less population and less opinions. Women did not have the power to do much during those time periods.

As time went by, it was proven that women should not only be treated equally but should be given the same opportunity as men. Women weren’t aloud to do anything without a men with them, since The Famous Five fought for women's rights, the community the understood the importance of women and then many laws were reflected off of that. Although if many philosophers were to look at the future now and see the changes to the law, they would have different opinions. At the end of the day, the law has shaped itself to the world currently live in, it is what everyone goes by and what works the best for how individuals and society has been brought up.

03 December 2019
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