Why Wolves Cannot Make Good Pets

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Wolves are very beautiful animals that like to wander around in packs and howl at the moon, but would they make for a good pet? In thousands of years wolves have been roaming this earth and until recently people have tried to make wolves become their pets. Wolves were born with this instinct behavior that makes them aggressive, protective, and wild. They are not meant to be pets because they are nocturnal animals, they howl all the time, they fear things they don’t know, they travel miles every day, and they need to be surrounded by other wolves. Wolves are just like every other wild animal; they deserve to be free and run wherever and do whatever they want to.

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Wolves were not made to obey or be raised by humans. For thousands of years, they were raised to be wild and fend for themselves. They are not like other dogs, wolves are born with an aggressive behavior that if had in a home would destroy furniture, terrorize other pets, and put anyone who encounters them in danger. Wolves are very protective of their pack, and if a human was lucky to gain the trust of a wolf anyone who isn’t in their pack that is close to them can possibly get hurt by the wolf. They aren’t going to understand that they are doing something wrong that is just their natural instinct to take care of the ones they love.

Having a wolf as a pet isn’t going to be as amazing as it sounds. Wolves are nocturnal animals, so they spend most of the summer only coming out at night. Wolves are usually only seen in the daytime when it’s winter. They would be noisy all the time because they don’t only howl at the moon. They howl when they are lost, when they are hunting for food, when they are trying to locate others in their pack, when they are lonely, when they are calling for a mate, and to warn of other packs. Wolves won’t make for a very good guard dog because they fear the unknown. They are more likely going to run and hide somewhere until they feel safe again. If anyone with a pet wolf had a guest knock on the door, they aren’t going to give a warning bark, they would more than likely howl, growl, or bite the guest. A wolf owner wouldn’t be able to take them to the park or a pet store like any other dog because they have their wild and unpredictable reactions. They don’t know how well they will get along with the other dogs and they defiantly don’t know how they will do with other humans they haven’t been around.

Wolves belong roaming the earth with their pack. For the majority of their life, wolves spend most of it wandering around their territory hunting for food because of this it would be inhumane to make them stay in one place, living in a cage or in a house. Wolves like to come and go as they pleased making them are extremely active animals. An owner would have to take them on constant walks every day because wolves in the wild can walk up to over 30 miles a day. They don’t like to be alone, so if you end up getting one wolf they would need to get more too. Wolves are raised to be with up to 40 other wolves in a pack so if they aren’t planning on being with them constantly throughout the day they are going to need another companionship to make them not feel alone. 

Wolves would make terrible pets because they weren’t made to be cooped up in a house or a cage all day. They like to roam, to hunt, to come and go as they please. Wolves are born with a natural instinct and they will always have that instinct in them no matter if they are raised from a pup. They are extremely aggressive and protective of their pack, and the ones they love. If people really wanted to get a pet they should really think about saving one of the millions of animals that are in shelters instead of taking a wolf away from the wild. Wolves deserve to be wild and free, the animals in the shelter don’t deserve to be there and could really use a home.


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16 August 2021

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