Autobiography Essays Examples

The majority of students will know the basics of autobiography essay writing if they have tried composing a personal statement essay before. While we know that a typical autobiography should provide a documented account that describes a person’s life in the first person, such is not always the case. There will be three main parts where an introduction will tell the basics about you, the main part where you must strive to tell a story, and the conclusion part. For example, you can take a short sample of Steve Jobs and his famous writing or Mahatma Gandhi with philosophical writing where he tells about specific discoveries. Since there are so many autobiography essay examples to start with, the most important is to offer something unique that will fully reflect your personality and be inspiring enough to read!  ...

Autobiography Essay Structure 

Your structure will always depend on the final word count and the guidelines that have been specified in your grading rubric, yet the most typical example is as follows: 


Introduction. The majority of examples of autobiography for students will remind the classic statement of purpose writing documents, yet it would be more suitable to compare things with a good book where you have an introduction where the setting is being made. It can be a story from your early childhood or an event that has changed your life. This is what you do in the introduction. 


Main Body Paragraphs. This is where you have to tell a story with a clear outline and by narrowing things down. Stay focused and define the time frame if and when possible. 


Conclusion. This is where you can make a temporal transition to the present tense and talk about what you have learned or pose a strong moral lesson for your readers. 


– You write in the first person.

While you may talk about your parents or a teacher, the general rule is to write in the first person.

There is a chronology and a time frame that has been set.

Do not forget to set the time period to let your readers know your age if applicable.

You implement literary devices like allegories, metaphors, or comparisons to make your writing more inspiring.

Doing so will help to make your writing more vivid and expressive.

You have a scene-setting and use the dialogues if and where necessary.

There is a strong conclusion to sum things up.

Provide an outline of what has been told and what it means to you.

You place a moral lesson paragraph and explain what the event or the things in your life mean to you.

Create a meaningful final essay line that will make your readers think.

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