Problem Solution Essays Examples

The chances are high that you have already seen at least one problem solution essay example in the past that has been based on your course or during the debates when you have been asked to provide some writing. Since this type of writing contains more than one task inside, the primary objective is to describe the problem first and offer a solution. It can be approached as a FAQ section where you have a question that poses and problem and must provide a solution. It is also a reason why most college students often miss the prompt and come up with essays that are not covering all the major points.  ...

Problem-Solution Essay Structure 

The majority of problem and solution essays should follow a strict structure where each essay author must focus on the problem and describe the best methods to approach it. Here is the run-down of the structure: 

– An introduction with the description of a problem explored. 

– Practical applicability of the problem paragraph. 

– Methodology or an offered solution. It acts as the thesis statement in this case. 

– The challenges that have been faced. You can explain the lack of the proper sample group or meagre offerings that have been available in the library or online. 

– The findings and limitations of the solution that has been offered. 

– Conclusion paragraph that talks about recommendations and discusses the lessons learned. 


– The introduction contains sufficient information about the problem and lists the most important challenges that are anticipated.

If the problem has not been addressed by the fellow researchers, mention it in the very beginning.

You provide examples of the reasons why the problem occurs and explain why it has to be addressed.

You are using an explanatory tone. Explain why the problem could have been avoided and why some obvious solutions have been efficient or been ignored by the fellow researchers and/or society.

A clear methodology has been used with an explanation as to why it is the most efficient solution.

Explain why you have chosen a particular methodology and why other options have been considered.

You provide a solution and explain the practical challenges that have been faced.

Describe the process that has taken place as the solution has been found.

You talk about your findings and explain what limitatnons have been faced.

Describe what has been and what information and additional sources have been most helpful for your research.

The conclusion paragraph talks about what you have learned and provides a list of recommendations or further reading.

No new information is provided in this part. If you have nothing to recommend, talk about how your research might help the academic community based on your findings.

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