John Brown - the Significant Leader That Fought for Freedom and Rights

John Brown was born in Connecticut in 1800 and raised in Ohio. He came from an antislavery family. He was known for trying new things out and most likely failing, but it never stopped him. In 1837, John had a change in direction when he attended an abolition meeting in Cleveland. John was so moved and inspired that he publicly announced his dedication to ending slavery. Early in 1848 he was planning to insect and take his own personal turn to end slavery. May 21, 1856 men who believed and supported slavery raided the abolitionist town, Lawrence, and John Brown wanted to take his own revenge. So, On May 25, John Brown gathered his sons and attacked three cabins along Pottawatomie. During this revolt, five men were killed and a group of warfare was abstractly angry. By 1857, John Brown had started to gather up money to evaluate his plan. He included a group of abolitionists known as the “Secret Six,” and assembled a very powerful force. His “army” included 22 men and three of John Brown’s sons. Some of the following members were George Luther Stearns, Gerrit Smith, and Franklin Sanborn.

John Brown is a polarizing figure in American history; he was a man that agreeably lived by his principals, however he sought after what he thought was directly in a Machiavellian manner. He submitted murder attempting to shield Kansas from turning into a slave state, and in attempting to make a military made up of slaves at Harpers Ferry. Some consider Brown to be a saint; somebody who supported what's correct, and eventually passed on for it. Others see him a crazed man, or as somebody with the correct goals, yet the incorrect method for following up on them. Despite what you think about Brown's activities, there's no denying his place as one of the impetuses of the American Civil War, and as one of the most significant figures in American History. 

In conclusion, John Brown's revolt that took place during the abolition movement was a demonstration of how our rights are taken for granted and ensured by the law . It shows up that if we want to be free of our world's regulations we have to take great measures into our own hands. John Brown Revolt was a way that he got people talking and for changes to be made. Without the publicity that had come with this most of his efforts would have gone to waste and would have taken him back to his slave owner and possibly killed. In 2020 we are making efforts to do the same with less violence. No more blood should need to be shed for our points to get across, no more bodies have to drop before the government takes what we are saying seriously. Until then we have to continue to fight this injustice and hope for a change.    

07 July 2022
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