My Experience On The Way To Success

Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. "I want to hold the throat of fate, it must not make me completely yield." – Beethoven. Beethoven is one of the greatest musicians in Germany and is known as Le Saint. From an early age, he lived in an unfortunate family: his father was intoxicated all the time, and his mother died when Beethoven was 17 years old.

It is in this difficult environment that Beethoven has grown up and received respect from people. However, unfortunately, it was once again on Beethoven. At the time of his creation, Beethoven’s hearings were weakening and he only stayed in the world for 57 years but left more than 100 works for future generations. It was because of Beethoven’s challenge to himself that he did not yield to fate, but found light in the endless darkness and made great achievements.

After reading the fate of Beethoven, I couldn’t help but think of my former self: I didn’t like to raise my hand to answer questions during class. However, one thing changed my attitude in class. It was just the sixth grade. When I was in class, I still kept the usual style of "silence is gold" in the classroom. What is unusual in the past is that I have answered the questions raised by Teacher Zhu in the Chinese class. After a check with Mr. Zhu’s standard answer, it is surprisingly similar. So, I secretly told myself: you must actively raise your hand to speak in class, come on! Ever since, in the second section of the Chinese class, I took all the energy to listen carefully, but I missed the opportunity because of hesitation and timidity, and finally ended in failure.

However, in an open class, I bravely raised a small hand, and my heart really can be described as "five buckets of water - seven up and eight"! When I spoke out the answer, the palm of my hand was filled with cold sweat because of tension, and my face was like a ripe persimmon. I was at a loss. Although the answer was not very exciting, the instructor gave me a burst of applause. Although this is only the first time, the first time this success has brought me great courage.

In the future, my answers will become more and more accurate and exciting, and the number of raising my hands will increase. It will gradually become a habit. I want to thank my beliefs at that time, and I would like to thank this courage to dare to challenge myself. Everyone must dare to challenge themselves and succeed. Everyone's success is the result of defeating oneself. We must take the first step bravely to have the second step of success.

18 March 2020
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