My View On Why We Should Wear Uniforms In School

In this modern era, where trends, styles, and fashions are at the high peak, it is anything but difficult to see any motivation behind why certain students are alienated because of the pieces of clothing they wear and the social occasions they are connected with. In my opinion, I believe that introducing school uniforms may be a great way of stopping this as everyone will be forced to show up to school in the same outfit. This can be better explained by three main points: increase the students focus in their studies, easy to make friends and reduce parent’s burden.

Firstly, wearing school uniform increase the focus of each and every student on studies. Rather than focusing and commenting on others casual wearing or looks, school uniforms must be mandatory in both primary and secondary schools. It reduces the student’s responsibility to decide one day before what to wear every morning. Uniform save the time and reduces the stress often associated with the casual wearing. It improves the attendance of the student as they know there is a single dress code and everyone have to wear the same every-day.

Secondly, school uniforms help the students to make friends easily and reduce the gang fights. Furthermore, it decreases the level of discrimination as it helps to make all the students feel equal and it also enhance the learning environment. Uniform have a power to create a strong relationship among the students. Wearing the same uniform give the students a sense of community. It increases student’s self-confidence by which they can easily share their ideas with each other. For example, in the first year of the mandatory uniform policy in Long Beach, California, officials reported that fighting in schools decreased by more than 50%, assault and battery by 34%, sex offenses by 74%, and robbery by 66%.

Finally, everyone does not have same standard of living and financial status. It differs from family to family. Students put pressure on their family to buy new trendy clothes which is three times expensive than school uniform. Mostly parents are in the support of uniform policy because it saves their money, as the cost of uniform is much less than fashionable clothes. Parents also not have the pressure to buy uniform again and again because one uniform can be worn for more than two years. Accomplishing mandatory school uniforms in both primary and secondary school would make all the student look the same regardless of their financial status.

Opposers of school uniform claim that strict dress codes reduce the ability of students to express themselves. By forcing the students to wear school uniform, limit student’s creativity. This point has some merit on the surface but school is not a place for a fashion show, it is a place of a temple where everyone should be in discipline. Students are welcomed to gain a knowledge not to judge each other on the basis of looks and dress.

In conclusion, there are many advantages of wearing a school uniform. It is said that wearing school uniform makes a student more discipline and responsible. It also destroys all the barriers between rich and poor and makes everyone equal.

10 October 2020
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