Studying Law At A University Level – The Next Step In My Path To Make A More Just Society

For a great length of time, I have found that the preservation and promotion of justice, fairness, and quality has been of the utmost importance. This can be achieved in a number of ways, whether it is within the legal system and the advancement of the same human rights for all or within a political system that defends and enables the growth of democracy. The laws sundry and multifaceted nature impacts distinctive parts of society and this what thus attracts me to study this subject at degree level. Notwithstanding the fact that, the law is a subject that deals principally with the rules governing society, the fact that it also encompasses aspects from politics, economics to philosophy and other disciplines appeal to me. The law figures out how to pervade all aspects of the today’s world: it is very much involved with and inclined by current affairs.

Hence, the law is the cornerstone of our society and as society changes so must it. For me, I found that the manifold attraction of these areas of study could not be denied, I feel that I would be particularly suited to this for various reason. My combination of A-level subjects has allowed me to develop the skills of analysing, arguing and evaluating which are critical when studying law. My law course enables me to write coherently and present my views from various angles, as well as further illustrating why I want to study law as well as giving me a glimpse of what the law is and how it is used. My history course teaches me to evaluate sources, analyse any extract effectively and research information independently. It helps expand my knowledge of past events and illustrate how mistakes are made continuously. A-level business has helped me understand the how business functions; this will help me when studying commercial law as well as giving me the skills to answer long question within a time limit. Additionally, having read a variety of books in my attempt to state my thirst for understanding the law, which includes: ‘What about Law’ by Bernard, O’Sullivan and Virgo. This has thus supplied me with a basic insight into the UK law system and its components. Reading Williams’s ‘Learning the Law’ and Bigham ‘Rule of Law’ taught me the intricacies of the judicial structure, what law is and the importance of the common rule by which I must avoid. Bigham argues that no-one knows what the ‘Rule of law’ means and states that how can anyone do their duty if the rule of law is contentious? The law has always intrigued me, even more so after my week work experience at Garcha and Co Lawyers. This visit stimulated my passion for the law and furthered my understanding of Civil, Criminal and Family law. My observation and shadowing of barristers and solicitors at work was a massive inspiration allowing me a short glimpse of what a law degree could inevitably lead too. By encountering different aspects of the law, it has enabled me to see it dealing in both a commercial and civil basis.

Moreover, visiting my local Crown Court gave me a chance to observe a few cases: this, therefore, gave me a chance and opportunity to witness the workings of the English legal system at first hand and thus gave me further insight into the practical side of the law. To add on some extracurricular activities include reading multiple newspaper articles, reading “The Economist” keeps me informed about tropical affairs, reading “The Times” and “The Guardians” legal section allows me to gain carious legal perspective on contentious issues. And this thus helps in preparation for my LNAT. Doing an EPQ illustrates my independent skills in researching and analysing. Law in university will display that I have the skills to succeed at university. It will reveal that I am dedicated, driven and focused and these qualities harnessed to a rigorous academic understanding of law may allow me to go some small way in helping to make a more just society. I look forward to the challenge of an arduous degree course.

15 April 2020
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