The Power of Encouragement That Showed What is My Talent

Encouraging people is an essential part of being a human. One should encourage people with whom they live such as one’s family, peer groups or society. Everyone is making the best efforts in their lives and sometimes few kind words of encouragement can aid people realizing that their efforts are not vain and they are not alone. Furthermore, encouragement recognizes the good things people do, and make them do more of it willingly. Today in this essay I would like to write about how I understood what is my talent though an incident of my life which makes me realize this latent talent and also provided me with the dream to hone my talent. It happened when I was in the fifth standard in my school, back when I was a very shy and introvert type of person. I did not had many friends outside of my school.

It happened on the day when there was a drawing competition at my school. All the classes were allowed to participate up to 8th standard. The theme which was given to us was the fight of “Kargil”. So we all started brainstorming to get some creative ideas. Everyone started drawing something on their canvas and I was still busy trying to think of something which could bring out my thought and emotions. While doing this I was kind of lost in another world when my science teacher called my name it brought me back to my senses. I responded to her voice which was coming from the back. She was standing there and I was not even aware that for how long she has been observing me. She came to me and encouraged me by saying that “do not think too much over it, just put whatever comes in your mind on canvas. And do your best, you will do well”. I listened to her words of wisdom and started my painting. Soon the bell rang announcing the end of the time limit and we all submitted out canvas for inspection. Next day, after the Morning Prayer the names of the winners of the competition were announced in front of the whole school. I was really surprised to hear my name as the 1st runner up and winning the second prize. It was a bolt from the blue for me as I never even dreamed to even get any complimentary prize.

Later, I thanked my science teacher for her words of encouragement and showing her confidence in me. To which she said that”a painting worth a thousand words, it was your painting which fetched you this achievement”. From that day, I become aware of my talent and I tried making more paintings whenever I got free time. Sometimes I think that, if not for her words of encouragement, I would have never acknowledged the talent I possessed. 

03 July 2023
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