The Rat And The Owl's Nest

Once upon a time, there was nothing. Just blackness. Blackness beyond the farthest stars in all of existence. Except the blackness was not beyond the farthest stars in existence because there were no stars to be beyond in the first place. With that emptiness of space came The Entity. The Entity was planning to populate the empty space he had created for itself. The Entity was nothing, and created nothing. Until it created something. It created something amazing.

From the blackness that The Entity created, came brightness. The Entity displayed its power and mightiness, with loud explosions filling even the most remote corners of space and the universe. However, there was something special among all of the uninhabitable rocks and fireballs in the realm of space. Something alive. It was its most prized possession. A large rock. Upon this rock, it would build its church.

The Entity built upon this sacred rock; adding trees, foliage, animals, water, and other resources. The Entity wanted to choose a lifeform to worship its almighty image. Among all of the life forms on the rock, there was a rat. A rat unusually small compared to the other ones. The Entity called upon all of the rats for a challenge. A challenge that would crown The Entity’s immortal servant for all of eternity.

The task was simple. The rats were to climb a tree and retrieve an apple. The first to get to the apple and bring it back down would become an apostle of The Entity. All of the rats raced up the tree, but couldn’t reach the top. They prevented others from winning by shifting their attack to other rats. Soon enough, the rats had all been incapacitated by being attacked and attacking others. Except for the rat that was smaller than them all. What he lacked in size, he made up for in intelligence.

The clever rat walked up to the base of the tree, and gnawed at the base with its teeth. The tree toppled to the ground rather easily. Along with it came an owl’s nest and the apple. The rat acquired the apple successfully, and in return was made The Entity’s partner. The Entity blessed the apple, giving it a bright yellow glow. However, there were consequences for his actions. The apple belonged to an owl who lived in the tree, and he was not happy about having it stolen from him.

The owl began to chase the rat across the earth, with the rat’s apple brightening the area he was located in, and the owl who brought darkness not too close behind. With The Entity’s plan coming together, it began to create more advanced creatures, including humans. All life forms other than the rat and the owl were placed in a lesser plane of existence. To this very day, the owl can still be seen chasing the rat in the form of the Sun and Moon. 

07 July 2022
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