Why Smartphone Is The Best Device In This Millennium

In this paper, we are going to look at Smartphone, and why it’s the best device in this millennium? We will also look at the benefits of using a smartphone. Some of the features it has, its role in modern digital communication and the new terminologies that the usage has introduced. The Smartphone has revolutionized the way we do things within the preceding decade. Its portability, reliability, affordability, and efficiency have made it a choice for almost everyone, despite your age and cultural background. And every user has the opportunity to choose the platform of their choice. Whether an Android-powered device, the iPhone or Windows phone, which are the most popular smartphone operating systems.

The introduction of app stores for various Smartphone platforms has tremendously made smartphones more powerful and it became an addictive, transformative and a valuable tool for almost everyone. Sometimes we wonder how we could stay away from our smartphones even just for a day.

Smartphones have been a game-changing device and nowadays almost everyone possesses one. It became one of the most used gadgets in the 21st century. The evolution of the smartphone started when Steve Jobs, Apple’s late Chief Executive Officer (CEO) introduced the iPhone in 2007 with touch screen and multi-touch technologies. Several other brands have also introduced amazing smartphones with lots of capabilities making it the fastest-selling gadget of all times. Its size and mobility make it the first true personal computer.

Connecting to the Internet has never been easier, smartphones can connect to the Internet via WiFi or cellular data and includes emailing capabilities. Now you don’t need sitting on a desktop or a laptop computer to visit your favorite blog or check your email inbox.

Benefits of Smartphones

The sophistication of Smartphones is staggering, with tonnes of features that has replaced many other digital and analog devices that we have been using for decades. A portable device that combines many valuable features, making it an all-in-one device. With the right applications, you can perform a lot with it.

Below are some features you can find within a smartphone:

  • Making calls. Just like normal cellular phones, a smartphone can be used to make calls, and not just the ordinary but can do a video call and video conferencing.
  • HD Camera. Most smartphones have the capability to take high-resolution photos and videos.
  • Music and Video Player. All smartphones have a music and a video player app which you can use to view high definition videos.
  • Radio. A smartphone has the capability to tune in to local radio stations or Internet radio.
  • Internet Connectivity. One of the most essential features of a smartphone is its capability to connect to the Internet. Most people use their connected smartphones to visit their favorite websites and blogs and also stay connected with social media platforms.
  • Emailing. It has an emailing feature that allows you to send and receive emails right instantly and you can add multiple email accounts on it.
  • Calendar. The calendar feature on a smartphone enables you to check for dates, datelines and set reminders or alerts for events.
  • Voice Recorder. With voice recorders, you can record voice at a higher bitrate.
  • Map. With maps like Google Maps, you can easily pinpoint places using your smartphone’s GPS (Global Positioning System) feature.
  • Bluetooth. The Bluetooth has been an extremely useful tool in earlier versions of some cell phones to share data or connect devices to each within a short range. Now with more and more Bluetooth enabled devices, you can pair your smartphone with various devices.
  • Watch. Presently most people use their smartphones to check for time and it has the capability to show you the time for different time zones around the world. And it includes Stopwatch and Timer.
  • Games. You can run your favorite 3D games right on your smartphone, whether it’s an internet game or offline game.

Those are just a few features of a smartphone, but you have tones of other things it can do.

The Role of Smartphone in Digital Communication

Old cell phones have limited functionalities and mostly their key features are making calls and text messaging. While smartphones allow multiple ways of communicating. From emailing, video calls, video conference and on top it keeps you connected to your favorite social media platforms. Back then in the 90s, people used to call each other mostly on their home phones or work phones, communication was not that easy like today. You don’t have to write a letter and forward it via the post office which could take days or weeks, you can use emailing instead. I also remember when tape recorders were used to record voice notes on a cassette and then forward it via post.

Using cellular Smartphones to communicate is far easier and more convenient compared to other communication devices. The Smartphone possesses the capability of not only making calls or facilitating instant messaging, it has the ability to connect to high-speed broadband Internet connection. Smartphones are embedded with either 2G, 3G or 4G LTE technology.

Smartphones Compared

There have been a great deal of comparison going on among various kinds and models of smartphones especially on iOS, Android, Windows-powered devices. Most smartphone users have their own reasons of choosing a particular platform and mostly their choice depends on user preferences. So it doesn’t matter whether you are using an Android, Windows, Blackberry or an iOS device, they just use what they are comfortable using.

  1. Android-powered devices by far, are the most popular mobile operating system, because of its user-friendliness and affordability. Many brands are using the Android OS on their devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Note series, Samsung S series, Sony XPeria Z series, some HTC phones, and on most tablet computers. Even new Blackberry smartphones are running the Android OS.
  2. The native operating system on the Apple iPhone iOS, has many fans because of its unique design and security. It is the best smartphone for taking photos, videos and surfing the Internet.
  3. Windows phone is also another popular smartphone operating system from Microsoft Corporation but it is still behind Android and iOS in popularity. Its most recent version resembles its brother OS, Windows 10 with the metro tiles apps.

New Terminologies

The usage of smartphones has brought in new terminologies, and most of them have been added to most dictionaries. So let’s look at some of them briefly:

  • Selfie. Selfie is a photograph one has taken of oneself using a smartphone and mostly share it on social media.
  • Phubbing. The term Phubbing was coined from Mobile Phone and Snub; it is the act of ignoring someone in a social setting by concentrating on your phone instead of paying attention to that person. 87% of teenagers will prefer communicating via mobile phones than face-to-face. Some will phub while on a date, in a meeting, at the office attending to a client, walking on a busy road, talking with elders or friends, in a class while the teacher is giving lectures, at the mosque or church, while driving, and some will even phub while in bed with their partner.
  • Sexting. Sexting is the sending of sexually explicit photos, images, text messages, or e-mails using a cell phone or other mobile devices. It could be sent from a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you’ve met online.
  • Phono Sapiens. The term Phono Sapiens is used on people you are extremely addictive to their smartphones making them less aware of the true world.


The Smartphone has been a great device in this millennium, and there is no doubt that utilizing it has been a life-changing experience. It’s a device that could be used in a beneficial and productive way.

03 December 2019
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